Sunday, July 23, 2017

Random story: I'm 1 war strategies

M1's ruler is glad the renowned strategist is willing to offer advice. "What are my greatest threats?" 

Sun Biscuit said:" Know your enemy know your yourself. Your potential competitors outclass you in size, balance sheet strength, and most importantly, it's only using the spare troops to try to conquer. Internally, u have no great commander, your search yield many people with potentials, those in the fixed services, some in niche products like the MOS Payment, but these are just beginning, with no market share of real battle experiences, so u have no commander to lead."

M ask:"It's my home turf, shouldn't I have home turf advantage" "My lord; in this globalize world, your people can choose to go to any country, what you provide is essential a commodity, broadband and mobile service, it is hard to differentiate it beyond price once reliability cease to be an issue. My lord, u are already the smallest among the three kindoms, where not necessary weakest. The other two have no major issues for u to exploit. As such, your people' loyalty is none to speak of"

M said" You are right, it would seems that I am already losing ground without any real confrontation. My economic backers are having second thoughts and the army already has deserters. I have both internal and external threats. Am I doom?"

Sun Biscuit said "Not necessarily, my lord. As they say, my enemy's enemy is my friend. The "dragon" that cross the Pacific Ocean has upset the balance of the 3 kingdoms. U are not fighting the war alone. But you must not show weakness. As the weaker will be the easy target of full brunt force of the enemy. Already, there is unwritten truce and coordinate efforts to prevent easy and cheap exploitations. My lord, u must keep your people happy and loyal. The fact that just years ago u have increase tax but taking away 12 G of data to tiered plans have left a sour taste. It will be sucidial to try any of these stunts in the near future."

"What can I do?" 

"My lord, u can only wait and hope. If the stars are aligned and the rain of Internet of Things is successful with the government drive of smart Nation, then maybe you could use the external forces of  increased data use to offset potential loss in business. Another way is to join forces with other, but such diplomacy efforts can only be negotiated in the position of weakness, given you are the smallest. All the best my lord, and may you followers flourish, following u."  


  1. Are you migrating to the land of m1, even though you are staying at the lake of silver?

    1. Hi Anon,

      Yes. Send some populace there. I am not sure if they will continue their tribute from there.

      I am sure I will send a bit more again soon. But I hope there is no need to

  2. Btw, Anon,

    I wondered when I can stop being a nomad and have a base of my own. The lake of silver can hardly be call home.

  3. I don't stay at the lake of silver, becos I don't understand how the lake produces the silver. However, the lake is scenic and the area is prosperous, and imho, it could turn out to be your permanent home. I may shift there to be your neighbour, if I get to know the area more.

    Many financial bloggers here are just nomads who move around with 10-20% gain. Are you one of them?

    1. Hi Anon,

      I am in the game late, so yes, I am a nomad. But I don't move with 10-20% gain, more like 30-40%.

      I was trying to hone my skills with a advance sell order, so that I might one day have a core.. Venture was a "misstep" in keying an advance order that is too close to market order and I am kicking myself till today.

      Given most of the stocks I have gotten are during the bill run of STI, I think I will stay nomad for quite a while.

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