Friday, September 15, 2017

Random thoughts: Of respect and happiness

Just my weekend musings:

There are 2 ways to happiness.

One is to accept current situation. 

Second, is to pursuit what u want.

My observation is there are many seemingly poor or "unfortunate" people who are happy, because they accept their bad set of cards. There are many energetic people with a goal in their life and passionate about their life. 

Respect, what do you respect? I didn't ask who.

1) Character- e.g. Resilence, wit etc
2) Money 
3) Power - Position of authority, etc

I will be honest, I respect all three to varying degree. I don't just respect character. Neither are they mutually exclusive.

Are u happy when people show u respect. I know I do. But while I am not rich nor powerful, I am also not poor or without any "position", so I use this as a reminder not to get it in my head. I know sooner or later, my "position" will be gone, I might be richer or poorer. 

But I know if I don't respect myself, I won't be happy. 

I can respect my achievement, the wealth I accumulate and my character. As I say, I respect all three to varying degree. But I know the three are not equal. 

If I don't have wealth, position, or character I can accept or pursuit/ develop.

2 sad situations.

1) You cannot accept but also don't pursuit. You play victim.

2) You pursuit and pursuit and realise the respect you gotten is not the highest yield of happiness 


  1. I used to think that pursuing what I want is the way to happiness, but recently, I realized that it is not the way at all. I can pursue a lot of things, never contented with it, I thought it will make me happy, but it doesn't. I only feel happy when I start to accept my current self. I happy when I stop comparing myself to others. It is the accepting what I am lacking in that makes me happy. I used to and I have been always have the perseverance to keep pursuing what I want, no matter how hard it is. Even if I don't enjoy doing something, I will still force myself doing it, I just cant accept myself not doing it. It doesn't make me happy at all. Fortunately, I got the rest time to really reflect on myself. I realized I am so stupid forcing myself so much. Happiness is just accepting my current self and life will be much easier.


    1. KW,

      Glad u find your inner peace. But that pursuit makes u understand. Only then we can say been there done that.

      I was in pursuit of the climbing of coporate ladder before. Wouldn't say I regret it. But I know that's not my cup of tea now.

      If I do have a chance to climb, I will climb knowing that it's for the money and no longer whatever fuzzy vision

  2. Happiness is temporary. You can be happy already watching a very good movie, after a good meal, but the next moment, you quarrel with someone which will then make u sad.

    So need to find joy instead. To have joy, you need to be peaceful. To be peaceful, you need to be righteous. What is righteous then?

    1. Hi rolf! U are back in action. Welcome.

      What is righteous? I guess it goes in cycle about inner peace. That inner peace with others at heart.

      But what is right. Perhaps we only know during judgement day. At war, both sides think they are either victim or righteous

      Perhaps in the end, both are equally right or wrong

    2. Haha... next time we meet again, I share what I know as "righteous".

      Wish you all the best in everything you do.

    3. No problem man rolf, till we meet again.

      How is your third or fourth child? Must be very busy.

      All the best

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