Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Random thoughts: Barking the wrong tree

When you invest in a company, it is very good if the investor relations does a good job. But do you actually invest in a company because it give you regular updates weekly, tells you the business challenges and goals monthly, and reply your email within 24 hours?

You study the results and try to understand the business, through track records, comparison and perhaps understanding of key executives style. If you are one day pissed with the company, it will be the business plunder made, and forgiveness or lack of, will be decided by the corrective or lack of action made.

I don't care about the PR as much as I care about the Character of the business.

Maybe business do not need investors' engagement.

But spending so much time coming up with a plan to reply email, decorate the room for discussion, having action plans for??

I don't see how these in the end impact results?

Give me a ah beng worker who produce results and I will gladly help him clean his backside with fussy clients who want updates.

We forget, when there is a complaint, the person is worried about the profits and loss, not how one should reply.

Form above substance.

Give me ah Lian ah Bengs people who cannot speak PR language but work magic in their core business. Let me handle their PR.


  1. sillyinvestor,

    That's why those hawkers with "character" or "idiosyncrasies" are the ones with long queues.

    There's this yong tou fu store at OG Chinatown that will serve customers on the dot at 11 am. Order 1 minute early they totally ignore you.

    And then there are hawkers if you "complain" on the long waiting time, will scold you back: "Cannot wait don't wait!"

    Now that's power or what?

    I respect Steve Job; he told off fussy customers and charge them for the rubber band to make the iphone reception better. Now that's OWNING your customers :)

  2. SMOL,

    Customers queuing at hawkers know they want taste over service.

    Customer service is de for atas restaurants ....

    Too many aspire to be restaurant owners. I am very happy if I can be a successful hawker

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