Saturday, August 30, 2014

Random thoughts: What is the big deal? Seriously

I refer to the chartering of trains to national stadium.

I seriously think LTA and the MEDIA blow the issue out of proportion.

I didn't know we can chartered trains too, then.

But once I know it can be done, and there is no disruption to an essential public service, I agree with the media it is a no big deal and LTA probably over-reacted.

Then, I remembered the comments and views from straits times and Today, etc, mostly critical of LTA.

Hey, LTA just louder than it should, it is the regulator, what is the big deal again.

It made wonder if the writers to the media are alumni of the 2 schools. Is miscommunication or lack of between SMRT and LTA such a big deal to have days of reporting.

The core reason for such a situation I believe is: the desire for a punching bag everyone can identify.

Elite schools, elite acts? Great punching bag 1

Profit driven public transport operator? Great punching bag 2

Regulator caught sleeping or afraid of public sentiments? Great punching bag 3

All three punching bags together? Great! So easy to get everyone worked up and make the national news papers.

Pity the sports!


  1. sillyinvestor,

    It's about big brother reminding small brother don't treat me as dead ;)

    Imagine your "ka kia" not asking your permission for things that need your approval first.... You would have approved such cases 99.9% of the time anyway.

    But if you give up your right to say "No" to this 0.01%, people will start to wonder why we need you in the first place...

    Jiang hu ah!


    P.S. Look at SMRT feeble attempt to explain themselves - they have done it in the past with no problems what... PRECISELY!

    In Feudal days, Kings must keep their feudal lords in their place least they get funny ideas ;)

  2. Haha Agreed!

    That's why I say, why the big deal about LTA asserting its rights.

    My Ka Kia didn't ask me? Hmm... If not something very serous, I might not care, I believed in auto pilot actually.

    If the matter is big enough to care, I might tell him/ her off in private. Hey! Cannot Bo Zhun lei...

    But I won't call a department meeting or write to press to complain about his behavior...

    Maybe it is the case my boss telling me I am not taking my ka Kia in hand...

    I still most probably will bo chap, unless core business is compromised... 无为之治

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