Saturday, August 30, 2014

Random thoughts: Getting to terms with myself

In my work, we recently have our "sales results"

Mine is one of the poorest results, a drastic drop in QoQ results. I have not seen the rest, not sure if it is "general market weakness" or my poor execution.

I was demoralized, not sure how can I do sale pitch as a team leader, most probably my team will think that I am doing hot air again.

I wonder how long will I get pass this low point. Surprising, one night.

My strength of character again: I am shameless! LOL. Jokes aside, I think I really quite thick skin. But there are reframing taking place. 

Reframe 1:

I think of my clients instead of the sales generated by my clients. They are really nice people. I just have to work harder to make sure I do not short changed them further. I will just try to improve their "portfolio value". Also, I need to give myself more time, since I just know these clients for less than 10 weeks.

Reframe 2:

Look at the future. I think I can identify my faults, my lack of preparedness, I will not make the same mistakes

Reframe 3:

While it would be preferably be the case whereby the team leader has the strongest sale, given that I am already in this job, I cannot shunt away from this responsibility. When someone is ready, I will try to move aside. Now, I just have to continue to set the directions, and do whatever I need.

Also, although I am part of the sales team, I am also part of the strategic marketing team, I need to fulfilled my roles to my boss too. My poor sales should not stop me from being responsible to my other role. I believed I am still value-adding,

So, we always need to reframe our mindset so that we have a more quality life and I enjoyed my weekend.

Shameless, self-delusion? I do not deny, what is most important is not what others think of me,but how I can to terms to myself.

Have a great weekend, whatever is remaining.




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