Sunday, August 24, 2014

Random thoughts: A trip to Suntec City

Make a family outing to Suntec City, mainly because my wife bought Anderson Ice cream through groupon.

It was a surprising nice experience for the family.

My in- laws saw the giant supermarket the minute we came out of the car park. They sell some unique bakery. We took a short walk and my son wanted to move somewhere else. So I tell them I will followed my son.

We went to the fortune fountain. It has more water points now. My son enjoyed the walk round the fountain and touching the water. My thoughts as I leave the fountain area. This is some simple joy only a kid would bring. I do not think my wife and I will go round the fountain on our own. LOL. Kids make you young.

My kid asked to go toys r us. When we reached level one, there is a rewind and relax event at the foyer. No need to buy anything. They have retro games like four stones, etc. my kid and I had fun. We also managed to get a balloon dog from a balloon sculpturer free.

At the new toys r us store, they have a moving dinosaur!! They have a claw catcher toy just beside the dinosaur models. My son is busy imagining himself catching a dinosaur. Remind me of a supermarket tactic of placing beers beside pampers, such that fathers felt stressed caring for babies will just pick a dozen beers. The beers sales did went up in that supermarket overseas.

I wondered: why is toys r us floor area not arranged in theme? Like adventure land- guns, dinosaurs, swords, and the likes. Stars galaxy etc, movie world etc... Maybe kids will then stay too long to play and it will be crowded and the paying adults will not pay anything. But my idea is, wouldn't there also be more impulse buying of toys that add to the overall experience?

Lunch at Aston signatures is so-so. The quality of food is uneven, some dished taste quite ok while my chicken and my son noodles are quite tasteless.

We took a walk, and there were many new boutique shops. Some are rather interesting. We already went to the alive museum few months back. But I thought I mention that destination. Quite fun.

The west atrium as they now call it, is no longer linked to the east atrium ( the convention hall area) as Suntec go through phase 3 of renovation. The level 3 shops are so much appealing now, brightly lit and spacious. It used to be dark and the only shop then that prosper is groupon collection center.

We finally found the new Anderson ice cream outlet. Lucky it is within the east atrium.

We were told we cannot dine inhouse as we are using coupon. I can guess the rationale. But the whole shop is empty, and given that we are also paying, it left a bad taste that groupon buyers are second class customers. Look, I can order coffee and tea and get a seat, that perhaps is what the management is thinking. But I think they underestimate consumers' preference for F&B experience.

Enjoying my shopping trip more now. When I look through the lens as a investor and a father. I am a dull boyfriend. My wife used to complained about her retail therapy experience with me. lOL


  1. Quality time with family is PRICELESS! I am sure you will like it more especially with your loved ones

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