Saturday, August 16, 2014

Random thoughts: communication breakdowns at work...


At my new workplace, I am supposed to "manage" staff. I find that a really weird concept. Can we really manage someone beside ourselves? My concept on manage is very different from others it seem.

My concept of manage is to work together to get something done, gel, cursed and move together. If someone don't move, the group will drag him along.

I always get this request from my boss to monitor someone closely and talk to the person.

Er... Seriously, unless someone is totally off, focusing and talking about his weakness might just reinforced that weakness. I prefer to talk about their strength and put them at the right place.

I used to get a lot of "lets not go into the nitty gritty", and "you don't see the big picture" comment. I always think very lowly of such bosses, now it's retribution time. Now, my staff don't understand what I am trying to do to synergized everyone's effort so that the total is bigger than the sum of individual parts, or at least reduce the "learning and unlearning". What goes round comes round, think my staff think the same of me now. LoL! But I am very happy that they are asking many questions, questioning my approach, I rather they do it in the open. That at least give me a chance to explain and sell.

I am full of weaknesses too, can I change them into strength? Maybe over time, it can get better, but definitely not because of magical speech. The morale is more important than specific weakness, isn't it.

Sugar coating? Pandering to others? No moral courage? No lei... I am just trying to make sure communication don't break down...

Anyway I am just a novice. Look, I believed if we swop out roles and tasked u to find my weaknesses, I am sure you can easily find a dozens. I already received a complaint from my "client " LOL.


  1. Everyone(and I really means everyone) has our fair share of weaknesses, or else, we would be robot already. I like your attitude of focusing on the strengths of others (instead of their weaknesses). Having said that, often that we can't see our weakness clearly, hence, it is good to point out to your staff about their area of improvement objectively for the better common goal.

    Keep going...

  2. Hmm... Some of things ... I do not consider it as weaknesses... But nonetheless ... I will just have to keep working. Engine off for the weekend... Now super sianz to start engine

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