Saturday, September 27, 2014

Random thoughts: Chaos at Hong Lim

My view after reading the article "Chaos at Hong Lim  Park Charity Carnival". 

I have this to say to the organizers of the protest and who disrupt the charity event. 

1) You are appalling! I am ashamed of your actions. Have you not heard the phrase, pick on someone your size? I would be less appalled had you protested in front of CPF buildings. You have no balls to do it than sticked to you yard at Hong Lim!

2) You do not represent Singaporean, you do not even represent those disgruntled with the CPF system. You are selfish, self serving people with scant regard of the special needs people. If u can do this to the weaker, less fortunate of our society, how much lower can you get! God knows how long they rehearse for their performance and this might be the first and last time they are performing on stage. Shame on you, leave out flag out of this. 

3) Those bigger masterminds behind all these nonsense, pick your pawns properly. Read the demographic of Singapore properly, we are mostly conservative moderate, and most are kind and compassionate. Before your pawns shame you and dilute your bigger callings and goals. 

4) For the supporters and protesters. I hope your family and children are proud of your actions, I hope they can see your greater cause of returning CPF money, because I can't. I just told my son we should be ashamed of such behavior. You sleep better now everyone is charged up by your appalling actions!! 


  1. Whether there is any conspiracy or not, it is not important. Why? This is the 4th protest by the CPF-protest group. Just scale down the 4th protest in view of the special needs kids presence in other event; and hold a bigger 5th protest the next time. Hello? Us your brain, use your brain. Selfish protest group indeed.

  2. Hi money honey,

    Glad you are on the same page as me. This is one post where I am ready for a fight if anyone want to start a war.

    Of course, differing views are ok, but bulldozing of your own view is no - no.

  3. Hi Sillyinvestor,

    Just a word of caution. Since you and I are not at the location to witness it, we have to rely on 3rd party's report on it. Hence, if the third party's report are not independent, or are biased, then they see what they want to see. Between 'no heckling' and 'heckling', I think the truth should lie somewhere between.

    It would be good to see someone who really attended the event on both camps reporting the situation from their pt of view. I think that's only fair. We can decide for ourselves if either party is in the wrong.

    Till then, I reserve comments on the issue :)

  4. LP,

    When I say Heckle, I do not mean physical abuse... But nonetheless I reserve the same comments. I have my doubts on newspaper, etc.


    What do you think? The second link is longer, and show the crowd moving away, I am not sure to where, but I think I have see. Enough.

    I always think there are AFI for CPF, I just cannot allow such expression of democracy

  5. Anyway, if anyone has a video that show the fuller picture, the other side, please post the link here.

    I think I have said enough, the online community has shown more reaction than I expect, and I think its enough.

    I think the organizers whoever they are, will not attempt a second folly


    I share same sentiments, when it is wrong, let's say so... And not try to frame everything as a media conspiracy by the something bigger to hoodwinked the people.

    I and I believe many are not stupid ...

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