Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Latest action: Sold Venture

Just a short post to update readers. 

I sold Venture to increase cash.

There are 2 reasons to sell, either target is meet or moat is lost.

I am glad it is the former. 

When I research VENTURE, I see clear sky for the next 2 - 3 years and I expect to keep getting 3 round of dividends, any capital gain is bonus.

Given I got my 2.5 years of dividends in 9 months, I am contented to take risk and money off the table.

May the person taking over VENTURE huats!! 

That's why I never proclaim myself as a Value investor, I can't resist taking profits. Since my buy target is reached I pass.I do think Venture has a certain Morton terms of capabilities. 


  1. Hi SI

    Congrats on the gain. Nothing to regret about, you've made pretty gains down there.

    With Dow looking red right now, I think it might be a good move after all :D

    1. Hi B
      I think as long as Venture do not go till $10 over the next year, I am ok.

      But even if it does, just be happy for the guy who bought it. Easy reframjng

  2. Hi SI,

    Yeah! So this is where you got the money to buy your small umbrella! LOL

    1. HI LP,

      There is a drizzle today. Let's hope it dun start pouring. But anyway, I think I am ok with 10 min rain

  3. after my paper loss in dmx n oxley keep increasing. i decided to sell them and cut loss.


    1. Yeh.

      No prob, we all pay school fees to Me market. My Lippomalls also doing badly. And it's a big part of portfolio. Just have to take dividends as wait it out

    2. Hi SI
      PB is out. Just enough to cover my stupid mistake.

      Losses from dmx n oxley

    3. Hi Yeh,

      Sorry to hear that. Like what AK say, whatever don't kill you means you stronger!!

      Know from the incident, I have counter that are bleeding too. Chill

  4. I think profits can build up to certain levels in a 3-5 years time frame. if it is good, why not sell it and go for another undervalued stock?

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