Friday, March 6, 2015

Random thoughts: My first 6km jog for the last 5 years.

After my ROD about 6 years ago, I never need to clear IPPT anymore. My fitness went down the drain, I didn't find the discipline to train regularly, there is some ad hoc run/ jog, but the fitness went downhill.

My health is weaker too, rather frequently down with flu. Makes jogging tough. The last time I tried before today, I managed less than 15 min. I know my mind is getting weaker too.

So, today I wake up extra earlier to join my 2 running fanatics for a jog. I reached school at 545 a.m. They were nice, keep asking me if the pace is ok. I asked them not to worry about me, I will turn back on my own if I am tired. They asked me not to. Actually, I know with my big "ego", I will lost probably not turn back at least really I am fainting.

So we go on and on. They run in front, I follow behind. Then I remembered SMOL picture of a apple in front of oranges. Hmm.. Benchmark has it motivating effects too. I thought maybe it is companionship not benchmarking. But then, if the 2 runners in front of me are not 2-3 league above me, I think we will all quickly stop and give up.

The next question that come to my mind. Will I do this with them again. If we benchmark unrealistically, we might just give up. If we choose a easy benchmark, then the benefit might not be that good.

Also, what use is just one run? When we benchmark, we should be consistent. Keep getting at it.

But please, benchmark for benefit, for enjoyment. I felt a sense of accomplishment when my colleague told me we took 45 min to run 6 km. I know that's not fast, but heck, what's the big deal, and my colleague agreed.

I will never jog for so long both in term of distance and duration for a long time.

If when we benchmark, we feel sad, unhappy ... Then forget about it. Go slap yourself and look at the mirror and ask yourself to wake up and stop whining. Do all your want, fight all you want, slack all you want, duoluo all you want. Be nice to yourself


  1. Benchmarking is for us to either improve ourselves or to remain consistent.

    1. Yup, benchmark can be improving force and yet not stressful as long as you chill.

      People are taking things too hard

  2. Good to have tried after so long! If you tie exercise to some kind of activity that you find fun and make it a habit, you should be able to see progress. It's hard to succeed by sheer motivation alone!

    1. Hi RT,

      If I go for fun, I will go for sports. But time consuming and energy too... Chio chio friend, but enough kah.

      Not I just want to exercise to my content so that I caneat to my content ... LOL

  3. Sillyinvestor,

    You enjoyed this run didn't you?

    If you lapse into an occasional jog here and there, what's the point of benchmarking again?

    If you grew to love jogging and it becomes a lifestyle habit, is there a need for benchmarking?

    Perhaps if you are into competitive jogging - entering jogging contests and aiming to win prizes.

    But if we are just into healthy living we still need benchmarking?

    I thought just standing in front of the mirror and admiring our sexy body is reward enough!

    You sexy body!


    1. Hi SMOL,

      Health also need benchmark. 15 min jog where got "ba Wu"?

      But happy can liao ...

      I enjoyed this run, but the aftermath of ache and pain is...

      But will still do it again

      Look at mirror no longer see sexy man...

      Big belly man

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