Saturday, March 28, 2015

Random thoughts: Similarities matter more than differences

In teaching, I went from understanding the differences to focusing on the similarities. I feel that in going one circle, a clearer picture has emerged.

It mattered not how they learn differently, it mattered not how their have varying interešt and home support.

It matters that I go out to chase after them one by one, hunt them down like enemies. 

It matters that I focus on what I want to acheive, and whip, push everyone to meet that finishing line. 

It does not matter if they are "guai", I cannot go softie, for those who falter on the progress, chase. 

It does not matter if they have better foundation, if they cannot self-study, the chance was given, now it's time to spoon feed and chunk and make sure they learned. 

In the past, ICT is the magic tool to engage pupils, surprising, Now, it is simple word cards game that ingnite their interest. The tool is not important, the important is I go all out to make sure this tool is highly effective in teaching and assessing pupils progress. It is important I keep refining the method and get the right one that clicks

It is the similarity that is important. Why did I not do individual analysis? 

I seriously feel like a second grade teacher in my new school. It's really my luck that my previous P see my strength and overlook my weakness.

Doing book check and file check recently, I realised how disorganized I have been. If I have been a teacher under my Senior Teacher, I think I would have get into a lot of troubles.

What is the difference? Let's not dwell on  it. let's focus on trying to do the right thing from now on. I start giving model answers so that pupils' work are more organized, and Velioa, the more motivated girls in the P6 class learn really fast having a "model" to refer to. It is easily for me to change, then for them to adapt, no matter how altruistic my reasons for cognitive development and not giving model answers. 

I still have difficulty coming to terms with copying answers for corrections. But I am slowing moving towards providing answers and model for complicated solutions. 

It is really a very hectic week, where work done during the holiday is lost, causing a panic attack, especially when I am so hard pressed for time now. My school going through EV next week, management is on tight wire, those from my profession know how SEM and EV makes people go bonkers.

I focus on doing the right things for my pupils, my mum and my boss, squeezing
Whatever I can. Whatever I feel burned, my 2 thoughts to keep me going are;

Do the right thing.
Today will end soon. 

Some good things will happen along the way when I keep to this. I am not sure about pupils' results. But I think I might have found the missing mojo.

My cooking is better too now, I think.

I did this 



  1. Hi SI

    Doing the right thing may not be the most popular thing to do but your conscience is clear. It is a brave fight and only one knows the importance of it without expecting too much in return. Bravo.

    1. hi Thanks B

      You are kind. I am getting used to the new tempo, think very soon I will pick up my mojo and start blogging about Fiance matters soon. I have a few concepts...


  2. Like what Mr LKY says, tenacity, one of the important quality in leaders :) for me, I am a normal educator. Not so much stress. My current "stress" is where do I go to say my last farewells to Mr LKY

    1. Sorr for the late reply.

      Ya.. tenacity.. just endure,

      I snack quite a bit... since stress think must kick that habit

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