Sunday, April 26, 2015

Random story: The treasure hunter

The treasure is in the cave.

There is countless treasures, it is almost a magical cave. There is no way anyone can finished looting it. The entrances to the cave is magical too. It is said that different people will see different access to the cave. But as it has made many filthy rich, many have died in the pursuit too.

Conner has seek many successful hunters' advice before he embarked on this quest too.

There is countless bears lurking in the cave. The only way to get to the treasure, is to slain the bear.

No one, however, has ventured into cave and slain the bear from within.

The trick is to lure the bear out.

If you find a big bear, it means the treasure is big. However, if you are not ready for the bear, be prepared to walk away, it is better to keep your life and try another time than try to slay a 6 feet bear with only a Sabre.

Conner has prepare well. He has prepared as much arrows as he could, dip them into poison.

However, no matter how he tried to lure the bear out using different food, the bear did not bite.

Everyday, he felt his energy slipping away, his patience wearing thin.

It has been 2 long years. The are a few occasions when the bear popped its head out. But Conner wanted a good sight and shot, so he passed. Now, he really regretted his choice. It is especially hurting when he saw other treasure hunters already making multiple trips and having their full each time.

They always ask:" Have not got a chance?"

Conner looked at them. Some of them had war machines. He looked at his own arrows, and feel like giving up.

He went up the cave, and stand at the entrance. And left with nothing. But he didn't give up. He had another idea.

He spent the next year roaming around the mountain. Searching for possible entrances, he looked where no man go. He even looked where other hunters left. They didn't want to use their sophisticated weaponry on cubs. He didn't mind.

He finally is more confident with his craft.

He noticed while bears tend to appear out of the blue, they usually appear when there are geographic disturbances. Earthquakes, landslides, flood, etc. There has been flooding at certain areas for years, it is believed it is going to trigger landslides. He believed his time will come soon.

Looking at the stars, he noticed the Greece Star is shining very dimly. Usually a prelude to a earthquake.

He now know of a few areas where bear might appear. He is keeping a bigger radar now.

He does not know if his wait will be futile or if a bear do appear, can he actually slay it?

He wonder if he should spend more time on his weaponry instead?

He hoped to slain a bear, get his first pot of gold and used it to improve his weaponry.

He is nervous, it has been almost three years.

His family is missing him. He wonders how they are, and if they can continue without him much longer.

He gave himself one last chance, if September there is no bear, he will go home empty-handed


  1. Wow.. Amazing story.. Did you come up with it on your own?

    1. Hmm.. Anon,

      I am not adapting from any sources, but I guess my ideas are influenced/ inspired by Farmer bear hunting season post.

      The rest about the stars, etc. I thought of them

  2. Sillyinvestor,


    You and LP got room for me to join you guys as part of the Musketeers?

    You both write stories that make the young girls cry, and I shall go comfort them!

    1. Hmm..

      Why would my story make young girls cry. You see them growing, tell me. I go comfort her, I am the writer you know.

      MuhHAHHAHA LOL (pervert laugh)

    2. That means your stories moving mah!

      You both married; I single.

      Don't you even dream. I go!


  3. Hi SI,

    Great analogy! What's the bear supposed to mean? Investment opportunities? Doesn't matter :) Patience, patience, and play your own game. Let other bear hunters do their own game. We'll hunt the bear in our own way.


    Meanwhile, inside the cave, the bear is still waiting for that irritating bear hunter whom it had been stalking for 3 years. No matter how the bear had lured him into the cave by giving the other bear hunters treasures, he just wouldn't come in. That bear hunter is a patient one, and that makes that him all the more....alluring.

    Let's wait till September, and see if that bear hunter will lose his patience and rush in. Already, the bear is smacking his lips and salivating at the prospects of finally catching that elusive bear hunter. Hopefully, it won't have to return home bear handed.

    1. LOL. Good job. LP


      Butterfly somemore, suits the recent animal theme. It is I dream of butterfly or the butterfly dream of me?

      I already have the ideas for the second part of this story

    2. Bully me....why you write cheam hoo hoo

      Eagerly waiting for your second part :)

    3. LP,

      I just google it and cut and paste LOL.
      U think I mwrmorize it ?? I not so power.

      Th second part is out

  4. Wow..SI, u write really well.
    must be a english or humanes teacher!

    1. Paul,

      I am not a English teacher, thank god. I cannot grasp English Grammar. I am a CHinese TEacher

      Thanks for the encouragement! I am glad you like it. it is a real motivation on a monday blue day

  5. WAH LP, the hunter is patiently waiting for the opportunity to strike the bear and yet on the other hand, the bear is luring a trap for the hunter. haha.. you all are story tellers....

    1. Hi Anon, not sure if you are the same Anon as above.

      Glad you like it. Maybe I and LP can write a scipt for Media Corp? LOL

      Earn some side allowance.

  6. Where there is treasure, bear is always around. (could be hybernating or stalking the treasure hunter). Else treasure would long be gone, wouldn't it?
    Aim is to harvest some treasure, "leave something on the table for others", before the bear returns. Live to fight another day.
    Yeah, easier said than done. : )

    1. Indeed Anon 7,

      If we try to take all, we usually will have something bar befall us.

      Bear hunting. Different people, different access

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