Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Random thoughts: What money can buy...

Money can buy security.
A good job,  material comforts, perhaps maybe just cold hard cash and equities, I will feel more secured when I have more. I know I can take care of future needs.

Money can buy comfort and worldly pleasures

Money can buy the most expensive healthcare.
I used the word expensive, common wisdom is the more expensive it is, the better it is.

Money can buy some respect.
I think so, you do not have to agree.

Money can buy choices.

Money can buy some time.
Time saved and well spent because you use money to buy convenience. Think car, domestic helper, etc.

If you do not agree on all of the above, why are you reading financial blog?

Money cannot buy health, but no one can ensure health. They can choose not to destroy health, that's all.

Money cannot turn back the clock, again, nothing can, wouldn't it be a better option with money.

Money is something I can grabs, something I can count, something that is everywhere.

It is something tangible, something within area of control.

So What is my point?

What happens if you do not have money? Or as much as I hope I can to buy all the above.

I buy my mind.

I buy my values.

I have nothing else.


  1. I never want to be short of money. Sucky feeling. Have been there before and so never want to do it again in my remaining lifetime. :-)

    1. CW,

      When was that? A kid? I was never really short of money, but I know that sucky feeling.

  2. As the saying goes, money cannot give you everything but without money you can't do anything!

    1. RT,

      that statement is definitely true in SIngapore

  3. Money cannot buy everything but it can buy you choices.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Indeed, sometimes, choices are more painful than none for some people.

  4. well, mike.
    think 你又来了。

    worried you lost all your saving due to your mum medical fee again?

    well, i dunno what money can buy. but i only know that even i have little money now, i can not buy back my dad life.

    1. btw how is your mum health now?

    2. Hi Yeh,

      Actually honestly, I am not worried about money when I write this post. My intention is rather different than what you read. Oh, SMOL will think I am whining again.

      I am chill with the amount I might need to contribute.

      My mum is going to go through Chemo soon, not soon how she would cope, finger crossed

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