Saturday, April 18, 2015

Random thoughts: contentment

I read it somewhere before.

For someone starving, all he wanted will be a piece of bread.

For someone walking for hours, a bench will be so pleasing.

The simple act of holding a glass of water can be so tiring if u do not know how to
Put it down after you take a sip.

Very contented now, sitting at a cafe waiting for my wife to finish her facial.

Huh, spend so much in a cafe! I used to sit by the lift Lobby to mark, read as I waited to save on the dollars.

I do whatever I liked, whenever I feeli like it now.

I will pursuit the last dollar and cent,
There will be time I will be eating oats for breakfast. But there will be time, I give myself a treat. 

I have only 1 life. Money can be earned, time lost is gone.

This morning, when I went back to school to do a PSLE briefing for parents, I saw this and found it beautiful. 

I looked out of the cafe and is happy seeing kids looking around.

Ok, I am ready for my marking now. LOL.


  1. Wah good leh.
    Still wait for your wife facial.
    My hubby don't even wait for me once while I was having my facial.

    even i go hospital for my regular medical check up. My husband also busy with work.

    Think I really pamper him. hahaha.

    Anyway good that you have a peace mind now

    1. Hi Yeh,

      It's no big deal really. I get to road as I wait.

      Ya.. Much better state of
      Mind now. Waiting for it to be even better. Very loaded at work, stress start eating, now gastric giving problem Lol

  2. I remembered the time during my fire fighter training, even drinking a can of coke which is something ordinary will bring me great satisfaction. I never feel that I have more control of my personal finance until I landed another job which got me a lower pay. I guess is about being grateful and appreciate the things around us. Someone asks the wise "what is the meaning of life?", the wise responded "When your stomach is making noise, you've got the meaning of life."

    1. Indeed, giraffe value

      Army days are when demand physically is push to the max.
      But the mind and the emotion are quite switch off.

      Ya, Maggie mee is a luxury! 10 min power nap is a luxury !! Then..


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