Monday, April 27, 2015

Random thoughts: The treasure Hunter- All that glitters

The treasure hunter finally got his chance.

The bear was not too tough. The fight didn't last long.

Conner went into the cave. He saw some gold.

As he picked up his loot. he saw a light shinning from the top of nowhere.

He then noticed this light is slowly turning the stones into a copper red color.

He was mesmerized by what he saw. He went nearer.

To is surprise, the light is a halo, it is like a wormhole of sorts, it opens to many different world. All with the light shinning down on the rocks.

He saw colonies of bears.

When he almost wanted to go, he saw to his dismay, a treasure hunter being fell by a bear.

He could not do anything but watch the bear fling him, together with his sophisticated gadgets to the corner of the cave. He went under the light and turn copper red.

Suddenly as if struck by lighting, he dropped his gold. These gold are stones from the cave, and also the remains of other treasure hunters!

He looked closely at the gold, he couldn't really tell whether it originate from the minerals or another human.

He left and returned to his family with a rather heavy heart.

He saw his wife and kids. She turned and looked at him, then quietly went on with her chores.

Conner was a bit upset, he told his wife:" I am back, I got the gold, but......"

His wife turned around, surprised and muttered, "Oh. That's great, your son needs some tonic."

Conner wanted to use most of the gold to buy more sophisticated weapons for his next hunt. But he couldn't say no.

"I will need part of it, dear. For my next hunt. I am sorry."

The wife looked at him, he couldn't tell what the expression means. She said:" OK"

He went to his son, eager to tell him the stories of his hunt. His son was excited. "So how much gold did you get? Have you thought of a way to harvest the light? Maybe you should go for a bigger bear next time."

After the conversation, Conner went to his grandfather. He felt quite empty, and couldn't explain why. His grandfather is very weak and can hardly get off  the bed.

"Conner.. Have you go into the cave?" Conner was surprised, he thought his grandfather who worked his whole life at the farm, had no idea about the magical caves.

His grandfather saw the puzzle look and was amused. "So, all that glitters, I hope it is worth it..."



  1. What the mkt gives, it will take back most of it. (surplus is from productivity growth?)

    In the end, are you the beneficiary or contributor? (though both contribute their time :) )

    Any other moral to the story?

    PS: Delightful story. Wish I could write this well.

    1. Actually productivity create a lot of wealth. The market however, is a battle field where hunters are part of the Eco-cycle.

      The family. After 3 years away, and left to her own devices with a sick child and weak grandfather in law, do you think she appreciate her husband treasure hunting ?

  2. Hi SI,

    I like this story :) it's good to think about the gains that we took from the market. We often forget about it, but we should remember where it came from. Well done bro!

    1. Thanks LP,

      We will never know it is whose blood? Or if it is blood at all.

      At long as we don't profit excessively fr someone's blood, guess it the same as eating meat.

      Hmm... Any vegetarian also a aggressive investor?

  3. Great writing SI, I enjoyed the series very much! Sounds like an ancient parable fused with hidden investment analogies!

    1. Thanks RT,
      Glad you like it.

      Run out of ideas le. This is the first time I read a sequen and the views still go above 100 in the second day LOL.

      Usually people give up ... LOL

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