Sunday, March 20, 2022

Random thoughts: Energy vampires

I feel drained when I hear the following:

1) Petrol pump is up, everything is going up, and there is going to be GST, the ......

2) Why is there an price difference between Grab food platform and the price of food from food court? Let's order something else ... ...

3) Why is the country opening up? There are still so many cases, they dun care anymore... ...

It is not the content, but the lack of perspective and drama that I hate. I can understand it when a PVH laments about the cost of petrol eating into margins and profits.

Yet, we are safe and sound in Singapore, while Ukraine is being bombed, and car owners who still have their jobs keeping talking about rise in cost, it smacks of lack of thankfulness.

I am glad that Covid, Ukraine's war, and inflation is affecting my life only in terms of dollars and cents and I am very thankful that I can manage, and still get on with life. 

While I have many unhappiness regarding how Covid is managed in Singapore, I think there are many loopholes and flaws in Singapore, but I nonetheless is grateful that we are in no shortage of Vaccines, and our hospitals are not overwhelmed. 

U can disagree with the way things are, I express your opinions, that doesn't make u or me a energy vampires. But if you just like to complain and dramatized the many little inconveniences, I wonder how can we experience happiness and peace. 

Dun be energy vampires.  If we cannot spread positivity, at least keep the negative Energy to ourselves.


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    How can?

    Singapore takes pride in being No.1 in many things :)

    When it comes to complaining and whining, we are WORLD CLASS!


    We must remain as No. 1, always and forever!

    Jokes aside, family and relatives no choice. But when it comes to friends or people we like to hang out with, we have a choice ;)

    I always apply our 5,000 years of Chinese wisdom:

    Eat squid ink spaghetti, our teeth turn black...

    Eat chilli padi, our tongues become merah...

    Sometimes no choice as we may need to wear a mask for "socialising", just remember to brush teeth or at least rinse our mouths after a meal ;)

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  2. SmOl,

    I like your idea of a mirror, and a mask.

    Who knows, maybe I am a vampire unknowingly. Perhaps vampires we meet let us appreciate the angels that pass us by.

    Socialising? I know what u mean, I tend to be drama too. I think to the spirit of the post, I shall not whin too much too ahahahha

    When things settle to a new normal, let's meet up again. The verb here is inpotant than the noun and adj, settled

    1. Sillyinvestor,


      Just as long you pay for coffee!

      I'm the coffee vampire...


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