Monday, August 1, 2016

Random thoughts: Rethink work-life balance

Is there really such a thing as work life balance?

There is, but it is not about work load per se, but about not bringing the baggages of work home. 

Let's face it, for most of us, we spent the most time at work unless we are man of leisure. I think for most, it's inevitable that we bring work home. But that should be it. Bring work home but not the stress and baggages that come with work.

Over the weekend, I had a long backlog of work. I did some of it, and felt unrest. Since I was working every day, hence the rest of the time that I spent with my family felt more like a chore than enjoyment. This is unwise. The fact that I am easily irritable didn't go unnoticed. Of course, irritable does not mean I throw my temper or become very impatient, but there is no point not enjoying the "now" because of the future "stress" of unfinished work.

I could have ask for "time off" for work nicely, but the tone and aggressiveness in request, etc should not show I am irritated.

Also be wary of mental imprisonment. You are not doing any work but your mind is at work, that lesson, that pupil etc. Physical presence counts but wholly presence is better. Already companionship is at war with Smartphones. 

Work life balance need the balance of the heart.

It is not easy, but when I think of my wife also juggling with work, I complain less.
When I think of the time when "working" is a luxury, I grumble less.
When efficiency is compromised, I tend to be irritated, I need to learn to slow down and listen when my child talks to me, the "disturbance" might not take too long. LOL

Of course, when I struggle for time, I yearn FI, but I know it's all a bubble.

Balance is at the heart.


  1. Yes! Is really hard to achieve work -life balance,,,until we really slow down , that we may hv to sacrifice part of our salary income,, guess is matter of choice .. Cheers

  2. Agreed with STE. It is matter of choice to trade off for less performance bonus and promotion opportunity.

  3. Not true for me. Lol.

    I am going up mountain

  4. I am not actually complaining about work, but the need to guard against the "mind" and emotion state.

    I am giving tuition now. I consider myself young and I Will push for maximum money... LOL.

    Money grabber, otherwise how to build base and have a good life at the same time. I lived only once. Its in the mind. I should not have brought the baggages home... thats all

  5. I understand. When i have a difficult and trying lessons, I give myself 10 mins or so to rant about it. Then afterwards, no more complains. Next time I meet them, restart from zero. I try lah, haha

    1. Discovery is the joy for both the teachers and pupils. Sometime more so than grades.

      I am doing only 40% teaching related job. Sianz.

      But I am not complaining. That 40% is enough for me.

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