Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Random thoughts: In search of that perfect life?

What is life? 

Can write a book on this? But let's simplify it and say life is how we spend our time? "A sick spending the rest of his life in bed", we can replace "life" with "time", isn't it?

So, we spend most of our time at work, at home, with ourselves. Of course there are variations for retirees, men of leisure, home makers as well, but one way of another, we have at least one of these few domains as of how we spend our time. 

Is our work perfect? Defintely not, u might be pissed off with your boss, with different ideas about how to manage your team, bored down with politics etc.

Is our family life perfect? Do we not have money problems, quarrels, lack of attention, differences in bringing up of child, how best to take care of elderly etc?

Is my personal life perfect! No, we have our inner demons, we have our unfulfilled ambitions, and our untapped passion

Since our time is our life. How we spend our time determine the quality of our life.

The pursuit of FI is to free up time. The important thing to this, do u know what u want to do when u do have time at hand? "Ok la, think I will continue to work" I always hear this, if this is what you want, why pull your hairs saving and investing and not spend time on other things now. 

If "wanted to have 1 million, 200k is enough for me to sustain myself, and the rest I will set up a fund to help elderly", is your mantra, every second in investing and saving for the future is your "perfect life", because every second is well spent living your life according to your beliefs. 

Same same but different. 

So how I spend my time, has nothing/little to do with how others spend their time unless we have a common goal, or how much others have in their FI days.

Every second passed, you are one step closer to death, spend it wisely and most importantly, happily. Chase after what really matters, and if there are imperfection in the way you think your time is spent, make the best out of it. 

Make the best of time. The f** rich also only have 24 hours a day, it's how we spend it that make a difference. 


  1. Hi SI,

    So many posts these days? haha

    I think I have a perfect life, even if it exist for a brief moment in time. After eating a very delicious meal, I think my life is perfect. After solving a challenging problem, my life is also perfect. There are many such instances of perfect moment that makes up my life, even though my life in general isn't perfect. I think that's good enough for me :)

    I'm one of the few bloggers who isn't after financial freedom. How to say this? I know I'll reach there, it's almost like an after-thought, as sure as Tues following after Mon, as sure as the sun will rise from the east and sink in the west. I think I already reached a sort of freedom in my life. Financially, it'll take some time, but well, it'll be there.

    My freedom comes first, followed by financials. If you want to reach there financially first to find your freedom, I think it's likely going to be a journey of regret haha

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    2. LP,

      Why do so many seek financial freedom?

      They want to do what they like; and like what they do.

      But if one is already doing the above...


  2. LP,

    I am a bit hard up these days. Hoping to write more to generate more Adsense revenue Muahahahah

    Actually, it's my low key period, pupils exam over, holiday coming etc... Taking a breather so venting a bit too.

    Hope u dun find it boring ...

    Ahh ... Another interesting angle, a particular part of time, perfect and hence it is perfect...


  3. Hi SI,

    I sort of agree with LP that there is no perfect life. But maybe we can beautify our lives by being true and sincere to people regardless of what others may think and say.

    I sense your truthfulness in your family and students. Perhaps it's just letting off the steam and blogging is the best way! I feel it this way, not sure if I am correct (doesn't matter), just my feel.

    When there is a need to defend our stand, we do it. But search our conscience that it is not to protect the our fragile inner self but to protect the truth and for the overall good and not personal agenda.

    Whether our heart is right and gracious or being blinded by the demon within, it is not difficult for others to see. But in Singapore how many dare to stand up for the truth?

    It's not difficult but it is hard! Why hard, because we are human beings ran by emotions, pride and egoism and most important of all, deceptions and distractions are something we cannot overcome for it involves self-interest at stake.

    We cannot be deceived by my our inner demons! We acknowledged and fight against it. If wrong, we admit and repent, and move on, otherwise we can never get out of the deceptions.

    We love ourselves too much that the whole world revolves ourselves, hence we wanted everything to be perfect for ourselves only. Even every time we speak we like to try indirect opportunity to glorify ourselves more than anything.

    I was like that in the past! I acknowledged the problems, felt a sense of guilt, changed and repent! Today, friends and family feel the change in me and things never been so great before as I continue my mission meeting friends after friends who had so many problems in their life lately. They felt great and had been following my blogs.

    Pardon me for being very direct but I am very convince that this is the truth: Whatever happened to us in our life or even the illness we incurred is a consequence of our own behavior, character and doings.


    “And if you do good to those who do good to you, what thanks do you receive? For even sinners do the same.”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭6:33‬ ‭


  4. I do think our character and actions affect our life, but I would not go so far to say the calamities or good fortunes or sickness depend on it. That is center of universe mentality. The mind and the heart in harmony is paradise on earth, but the external forces can break it of the force is large enough/ In fact, it just has to be stronger than the mind to break the person

    1. Rolf,

      Dun know why my message got broken.. I think LP say life is perfect, even if momentarily lol

  5. Hi SI,

    Maybe my expression is not clear. I apologized.

    Delving deeper, I interprets it as there is no perfect life in this world "physically", but it is our thoughts mentally or spiritually that can beautifies it and make it so perfect. So lest not worry even if it is momentarily as long as we continue to have that beautiful thoughts positively in life.

    I shall leave it to LP for his true meaning, but this is how I interpret it.

    As for the character and actions indirectly resulting to sickness or good fortunes or things that happened to us today, I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's way too difficult to explain in writing here, but I do have my many justifications in my own real life examples and seeing so many other real life examples that "science" of today cannot explain.

    it's easier for me to explain to people around me bcos they know me, and we have so many common examples of real lives around us, that they will be more convinced.

    Ultimately the intention is not to convince but to share and spread the goodness for them to do the same to others.

    And that a face to face talk will show the true self with no egocentric intention to glorify oneself and it's all in the eyes and the body language that you can see and feel how true a person is when words just come flowing naturally from one's heart.

    That is provided "if the heart is right!"

    Nevertheless I do respect your views and I hope all good things can happen to you regardless of whether we are just strangers.

    I am no saint but just a little one in this world who feel the world today lack many simple things in life that we overlooked most of the times, due to the blindly pursuit of wealth, fame and power backed by selfishness, boastfulness, egoism, pride, personal agenda and all the wickedness in the human heart and thoughts!

    Yin and Yang just need to be more balanced!


    1. Sure Rolf,

      Diversity is a good thing. Group think is dangerous.

      Hope we can find a common time to meet up during December holidays! For all our differences, u are one interesting character I would like to meet in person. Lol

  6. Btw, I agree sickness cannot be explained by science.

    People ask "how come?" "Why"

    I think why bother.? There is only one answer, your life lor. My wife ask me, where is Zika from? Verbally I answer, one of the hottest spot originated from Brazil, inside me I say, geography but where it comes from, nobody knows, from God or men's karma lol

    I know of people leading super unhealthy lifestyle but doing ok, I see people leading good lifestyle not doing well, j also see people good lifestyle good health.

    So, just live it

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