Monday, March 20, 2017

Random thoughts: Coporate Rats out there, We can be happy rats

This post is sparked by a post from Andy ( Tacoomb) but is in my mind for quite a while.

In our pursuit of FIRE, let's not forget the "now". Of course, FIRE holds a lot of promise- doing charity, your own business, sleep till the sun hits your buttocks. It is a nice picture, and defintely a worthy pursuit. Full time giving back to society, sending your kids to school and picking them. What is there not to like? 

However, a lot of those promises rest a lot on the personality. Look, no one is going to just sleep their life away after FIrE, they find projects/ causes to work on. And in the pursuit of these causes/ they might meet with other problems, nasty volunteers, corrupt officials , whatever. Can they hide behind money and say now that I have FIRE, I quit? Huh? Sorry?

Is it really true that our problems and stress will All be gone when FIRE comes?

Is it easier really to find purpose with what we are doing, simply because u are on FIRE. 

Perhaps FIRE made it easier as you can focus, and give u the luxury of pacing yourself. But finding that purpose in life/ work, has nothing to do with money, if u think deeper. If u already have a purpose, u can have the best of both world. Get paid and perhaps use only one of your weekend to pursue your "purpose", yes, we cannot do it to our heart content, but u get paid while u do a diet-light version of your "calling"

If u like your work, but hate the office politics, the bureaucracy, your stupid and rude boss, whatever, u should be happy too. For me, I love teaching, it went from 80% of my job scope when I begin to perhaps 30% now. Hey, then u strike gold lor. 30% of your pay is actually bonus every month. U do what u want and like and still get paid. Bear with the shit and stay low profile for the rest of the 70%. Shut up when office politics is going on, be a man-whore and say "I am sorry" when your boss is barking and think of the paid 30% you enjoyed. Waking up in the frecking early morning with only 5 hours of sleep? Hey, if Market turns down, you got Fire Power because u are still getting paid. U still has chance. 

Sometimes work turn out well too. Then? Super "shiok" right? You get paid and your ego got stroke, you got a free fan club etc.

This is a Rat and Ant speaking. Grasshoppers and fishermen please do not throw shoes at me. If u must throw, throw a branded new pair so that I can go online and sell ok. 

I am cheering those rats who FIrE remain a distant goal. In the 50s of perhaps never going to happen. If u feel like a loser in this bloggersphere of investors, and if it make you feel better, u have a fellow loser here, perhaps the biggest loser if measured by portfolio size. But it's ok. I am a happy loser. Let's be happy rats before we can evolved into something else. It's easier to be happy when we are grasshoppers; but rats are not doomed to sadness. The external conditions might not be as pleasing, but hey, we got spending power. Bite me. LOL. Oops, I know of someone that passive income a month is perhaps is my 1 year income, but nevermind, I chose to be a happy rat. Running on trendmill and doing my best part-time grasshopper. 

Rats! We can be cute. There is Mickey Mouse.



  1. Love your optimism in this post. When life dealt you with bad cards, they never stay bad forever. Just wait for your good ones to surface. Might take a while to get there but you will get there.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Just realize you are a blogger with a minimist lifestyle. Thank you for your encouragement. I seriously just pray I have enough when my dad and in-laws going through their final journeys, I have enough money to do whatever is necessary.

      FIRE at early age, I really no 奢求。if can semi-retired/ work at slower pace at 55 onwards I will be very happy Liao

  2. Not clear is Fisherman the Ant? Actually Ants are running rat race keeping the community fed. Hard life

    1. Hi CW,

      Fisherman is the evolved stage of the ant. Hey, you play Pokémon, you should know. Ok ok. It's Mega-evolve

  3. Hi SI,

    Agree with you on your different points.

    Post-FIRE life and zhuo bo? Nah. I rather live a holistic life where I can find meaning in employment, money management, family/friendships, and hobbies/personal projects. :)

    Quit on causes/projects after meeting with obstacles post-FIRE? It actually tells others what kind of person the person is......

    When work turns out well? Work is, no doubt, stressful, but quite shiok when you are able to overcome the difficulties and challenges and achieve!

    Btw, I what animal/insect ah? Don't think I readily fit any of the categories......

    1. Hmm... UN,

      I would not go to the other extreme. I dun really mind sitting on cash and Zhuo Bo for a period of time LOL

      What I am saying is, not like no FIRE simi lor buay sai zuo (everything also cannot)

      You still working right? You are rat lor. We are all in the rat race, research also rat race what

  4. Just to update,rat race can be fun too. Of course not fun if u race to be no.1. There can only be 1 no.1

    Also not very fun if your rat race is the race to the top of food by stepping on other rats.

    But hey, when we little kids, we all play catching and race when another and thrash talk right? Quite fun isn't it?

    When teenagers, u always irks that girl and want her to chase after u and I run and run right? Rat race can be fun too

  5. Hi SI,

    Congrats on having such a positive mindset! I totally agree that no matter the situation, the attitude can make a great difference.

    Anyway, there is a small part of me that wonders why you can't FI relatively early. Maybe not 40 or 45. But how about by 50? From what I see and observe, you are rather frugal and your household income is definitely way above the median.

    Hope you don't mind this "poke". And who knows, maybe I can help inject a bit of optimism...

    1. HI 15HWW,

      Of course I dun mind the poke, "you are rather frugal and your household income is definitely way above the median", you only got half of it right.

      Household income should be above median, if my understanding is correct, but I am not frugal. I do not spend much on myself, but I find it hard to say no to family. I have a car, a maid, and an elderly father. I bring families out for weekend meals usually at least once a week to a resaturant, not those atas type, but with family dinning of 5-7 people, it is not cheap either.

      My saving rate is purely dependable on my bonus. any left over in monthly incomes will be wipe out by the months of march, June, July where I have to pay annual insurance prenium for my kids and my family.

      Annual savings rate for annual income is perhaps 7-8%? if we include insurance maybe around 10%?

      Now tell me how to fast-tracked FIRE by 50. I am realistic, not pessmistic. Also, when an elderly falls ill, all your emergency funds or even opportunity funds might need to be activiated ,and the savings restart after that

      But good thing is I am well-covered. DIE/ serious illlness or injuries, I think my dependants no not fret too much

    2. Hi SI,

      Ok, I have a clearer picture then. I guess a car, a maid and a kid will jack up the expenses by a lot because I don't have these three things yet. But I still think you are pretty frugal, judging by your decision not to buy a new car?

      I guess maybe Mrs SI could be helping to increase the saving rate and could surprise you in due time? And when the mortgage is done, that's another load off your shoulder? Or maybe some increments along the way? Don't say never!

      Getting your dependants covered is way more important than FIRE.

    3. Ho ho ho,

      My wife's money is my wife's money, my money is her money LOL

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