Friday, October 17, 2014

Random movie review: Dracula untold

A long time since  a movie truly pleases.

Most of the time, I walk off with the "ok la" thoughts.

More thoughts can be put into the ending and the deal with devil.

But for 90 minutes, the twists come first and furious, and cleverly thought out.

A prince seek devil strength to save his people.

A bloodless merciless and emotionless warrior impaled a whole village to save 9 others village so that they surrender without a fight. ( I already read this from a comic, but nice try)

Get the devil strength as a gift, not a curse? Just refrain and control the thirst for blood for three days, and revert back to human, and the force of light wins. What a gift?

With the vampire thirst and strength, pray to God for strength to suppressed the urge for blood?

Put the human spirit into the gambit of erternal abyss if lost, in order to save its people and family, only to be scared by his own people who attempted to burn him alive.

The force that finally push him to the dark son just before the dawn of third day is the love for his dying wife. (Nope, his wife still die)

Heard that when bitten by vampire, u turn into vampire? No such things here. U turn into a vampire when u willingly take vampire blood.

I like it. With its story flaws, it is still a great show. Definitely better than the overly hyped hobit. 


  1. If you like twists, you should go watch Gone Girl ;-)

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