Friday, October 3, 2014

Random thoughts: A day without my car

Sent my car for repair. Had both good and bad experiences.

The good:
Thought it is a good opportunity for my son to experience public transport. Brought him along to the service center and took bus back.

He enjoyed the trip. Took the chance to teach him about working life, priority seat and how much cheaper it is to take bus. His fare is free, and he innocently remarked that his trip to school in school bus is also free. I told him it is not free, in fact it cost $2.5 a trip. He couldn't understand and insist it is free because he need not pay. I explained I already paid to the driver monthly. 

I was telling him the past few days that money do not fall from the sky, and he cannot always expect to get what he wants. I am glad he finally understand it, when I remarked: see so many people taking the bus to work, and he replied: because money don't fall from the sky.

The bad:

I planned an outing with my family in the afternoon. The initial plan is to take my FIL weekend car, since the various trips to fetch my wife from work, back to home and then to orchard and back to home would add up to $ 20. 

Then the call from service center that my car is ready. I rush out hoping to catch a cab and collect my car before bringing my wife for lunch. 

Couldn't get a cab even when I call for one. I decided to have lunch with my wife then get a cab. Hoping that I have better luck at the shopping mall and at a later time. Sme thing happen, long queue at the taxi stand. My wife and I both dial for comfort and SMRT, couldn't get a cab. The weird thing is, the lady behind us call and get a cab. I wondered if its a app thingy that made cabbies refuse to take operator call. My wife tried online booking, got a cab, but the cabbie went to somewhere else. 

In the end, we have to cancel our trip as it is too late. My wife says matter of factly: see, you still say we can do without a car!



  1. Wow, can see a family or spoilt kids and ppl here.
    Hope ur son will grow up to know there are actually people living in poverty in sg.
    That's where u will be successful in teaching him. Not just about money or that public transportation which cost $2.50.

    1. Hi eye white shut,

      Nice to see new point of view...

      I know what u mean, the curse of affluence.

      I am indeed mindful of the pitfalls for both my kid and myself.

      However, the external factors of money, whether high or low only has so much impact on one's happiness

  2. A case of affluenza. Better luck next time ...

    Perhaps a sign of how taxi service is evolving ...

  3. Wa Lizardo,

    Your English really power, I need to check up wiki what is affluenza. The time you mention something about number, which I still blur after looking up wiki.

    Blogging is really cool, get to see things from the other side which would normally be a blind spot from here.

    Ya, guess I was starting to be wasteful, cabs were considered a luxury in the past, now even secondary school pupils take them.

    But it is just a reflection of times, just have to remember what there is rich, there will always be poor...

    Someone left a message and deleted it, but the message is still in my email, ya poor will be around and hope my precious son can go beyond riches and poor

  4. Hi silly investor,

    Hah, my wife also taking the car to work.. Looks like she can't have it without car now. I'm still the same person taking bus/mrt to work, occasionally it'll be a bonus to use. I guess that's lifestyle inflation.. No choice.

    You're doing a good job teaching your kids :) basically it's just boils down to empathy. I'm sure you'll have plenty to pass down to your son ;)

    1. Hi LP,

      Thanks for your encouragement. U justs hope to do my best for him and things will turn right.

      When he is in secondary, I would like his tutor to be someone like you, too bad I already know u, even if u are still teaching then, say 7-8 years, it will be unfair for
      Me to know who you are in person but you none the wiser who I am.

      Let's just hope my son dun need tuition at all. Lol

    2. Hi Sillyinvestor,

      That's a huge vote of confidence for me ;) Thanks! Some of my students had already booked me for their unborn child!

      Nah, you can probably teach him yourself, haha! I shouldn't go and show my axe in your household ;)

    3. Wow, given u dun teach primary, that 13 years in waiting ...

      You are hotter than Michelin star chef.. loL

  5. Sillyinvestor,


    Some of the comments here sure make my polar bear "coldness" turn into warm and fuzzy teddy bear in comparison ;)

    I like the way you have handled criticism in a calm, gracious, and gentlemanly way.

    Big tree attract wind :)

    1. SMOL,

      Big tree? Means I will be approved by Adsense? LOL, maybe send by Adsense?

      But seriously, I think I can understand, I seriously think those with straight As during o level are over-doing it and drama mama when they feel / act all depressed they not sure whether to go hwa Chong or raffles.

      Maybe I should be more sensitive talking about driving. Although I am sure I am not drama but maybe yes, there can be better choice of words or telling of the story...

      Remember I write about external surroundingaking it easier to reframe the mind, I have with the comfort surrounding and it is easy to miss the view from the other side.

      I dun feel cold at all, but initially a spur of warmth like I being slap. But after all, my thoughts run through my mind and I am glad they did. It is also one of throes connecting moments of eureka which I enjoy.

      Joys of blogging. No one know who we are, so no need to hide, or already hidden, so most will appear nake. Nice to hear how they feel as long as there are no personal attacks which is fine.

  6. Hi Sillyinvestor, good post!

    I feel that having a car is a luxury nowadays with the ever increasing prices , COE, ERP next generation some more. Still, glad you can afford the costs, one of the many lucky ones out there!

    Sad for us though, many of us struggling to get a license then after that hard to get car to continue practicing haha.

    1. Hi teenage investor,

      Don't get a car la, easier to save money for investing.

      I know I don't preach what my actions is, my that is because my actions follow my heart, ( wanted it for my wife more than for myself ), out of love and also out of peace.

      Not sure u understand what I mean.

      What I got my car, COE is not prohibitive. It is 14k. My car purchase price is 53k. I took out a loan for it too... Yaya I know, that's why I say dun follow.

      It is however, not crippling too. U dun have to get it the first few years when u worked, but seriously, the ironic is

      If u are single, after 3-4 working years, you should well afford it but you don't need it and most prob dun want it because you want the money to compound.

      If u have family committment, small kid, u want to strip him for safety when traveling, you will be stretch to have it but most people get it nonetheless.

      Before I get flamed further, I just stop here.

      I don't deny the comfort and convenience car bring, I just don't agree on the cost, even at my lower entry point, the costs of having a car, including tax, insurance, petrol etc will come up to 1k. Per month

      Save half for investment and the other half u can go for a good overseas trip. See? So much better without a car. Get to enjoy and save if u are without one. I am the silly modern car slaves.

      I am a bad example.

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