Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Random thoughts: Pain, the indispensable ingredient for success

Pain, get ready for it.

The faster you accept it, the better you mind is attuned to face it.

What I show my students 1 week ago, before I start my intensive revision.

In order not to feel guilty, I decided to do something too. I like to take little snacks to treat myself as comfort items. I sometimes go out of my workplace to have lunch, have a good breakfast, buy some snacks to eat before I start the afternoon session of work.

Now, for the past week, every time I feel like buying the "Gong Cha" for a snack, feel like getting roti prata for breakfast before I go to work, feel like having lunch out, I reminded myself, I am not even facing pain, I am just fighting craving.

Almost a week, so far, so good, although the money saved is not significant, guess my body is doing better with oats as breakfast rather than prata, and less Gong Cha is better.

Now, just wonder how long this mental exercise will last. I outlasts most of my pupils. They are not following up with the revision. I am still keeping my little "diet"

Tomorrow, I am planning a run, I hope I do as I planned.

Pain. Get ready for the pain.

Same as investing, resist the temptation of trigger happy. Stick to your plan. So easy it sounds, isn't it? Painful to be sitting on cash, painful to see the boat missing us by. So painful to see portfolio halved? (Have not seen that, although I seen my counter reduced to nothing.)

Take pain easily? You are on your way to success. Sadist? I think so...


  1. hi SI,

    that's where dividends come in handy to ameliorate the pain process.

    for that reason, personally, i don't hold stocks which are like unfilial children.


    1. Hi Paul,

      We belong to the same camp of dividend hunters. But some sons do not give monthly upkeep, you sue them (sell) when they are doing very well, you get one big lump sum. LOL...

      I do not want that thou

  2. I dream big ... Need to start somewhere...

    Painful to move towards the dream... But as the video says, no giving up because the dream is not fulfilled yet

  3. It's all about a budget. Check your metabolic rate, and keep within the calorie budget, then count your calories. Ask yourself is the food you're eating worth the calories.

    So the same with investment. What's your budget? Keep within the budget (spend within means) and know where you spend it on. Is the investment you're putting into worth the risk-reward?

    1. Lizardo,

      I find the heart works better in making me stick to routine.

      I have done the head part before, budget, tracking, opportunity cost, Etc. Calories did that done that with a apps before.

      So far, no major departure from my diet because I appeal to the heart. Feel poor. Feel how I feel when I was a kid, imagine that feeling when retired.

      Feel betrayal when I think my pupils to endure pain but I keep enjoying my food.

      Heart works better for me