Friday, October 10, 2014

Random thoughts: online identity

In my work, I need to "enlighten" my customers on cyber wellness. The online etiquette and the dangers lurking online.

My new workplace has less burning needs to talk about it, as many do not have easy access to broadband. Huh? Ya, that is my initial reaction. I am printing much more now.

Seriously, we talk about identity security.

Cyber world is a unique place. It allows u to have a second life.

I used the Nick greenrookie since I started out and have never changed since, silly investor is a blog name, greenrookie is the forum name. We always say behave online like how u would offline.

I personally think it is a tall order.

Think about it. Are u really just you, anywhere and anytime? As a father, a son, a worker, a boss, a husband, a lover and a kept man (LOL wildest fantasy ), are u really the same person? Of course, your values and character will be a common overlapped themes in all these roles, but I bet my dollar that there are very significant differences in the way you think and behave when u are in those shoes.

I think I know my identity in the cyber world, it is really a part of me, the real me, but just part of me. This part of me, is comfortable operating under a nick, I am not very comfortable to let my colleagues, friends and "customers" know who I am online. Granted, if one day they stumbled who is silly investor, it does not really matter. But I rather keep my online part of me, separated from my life.

When I know there is a gathering of bloggers, I am sure I will just introduce myself as "a reader of your blog", the web itself is an amour, but some
Use this shield to do all sorts of nonsense, but others use it to be themselves, perhaps more themselves than the circumstances allow us to be ourselves.

Anyone agree? 


  1. Nowadays, online presence is important! I try not to deviate much from online vs offline or else I might become split personality lol..

    1. I am quite sure I have multiple personalities ... They are all me

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    Most bloggers who use a nick, once we find someone whom we click, have no problem meeting up in real life or exchanging Facebook to reveal the real person behind the nick.

    It's to form relationships beyond cyberspace.

    You have to ask yourself is it really like what you've said - it does not matter?

    I think most of your regular readers and forum buddies identify you as one of the categories you mentioned ;)

    1. Hmm...

      Really? SMol I am genuiely surprised. U mean u know CW, AK LP etc in person?

      Hmm... Thanks but no thanks, I can contented with fate with u, AK, LP etc. such virtual relationships are textbook targets of "fake", go get a life and know someone. But to me, it is real enough. I do not need to hold your hands and carry your balls to know you are SMOL.

      In fact, the vice-versa is true too, we can be talking to our colleague everyday and we do not really know him, the greatest tragedy is you dun know the person that sleep by your side every night. It is more tragic than not knowing yourself, because u just waste yours and her life.

      AK might had more to him than his frugal personality, u might be more than just a grasshopper, but it is enough for me, I know that grasshopper part is real, and the frugal part is real.

      Even if it is not real, it is real as long as I feel it is, and real like the market? Real changes, real can be un-real in the future.

      Happy can liao. Like there are not many in the real world that I can rattle off such nonsense and they understand. Only 2 friends perhaps, and 1 online you.

      I am more than philosical or nonsense part, but that nonsense part can find a soul mate in the cyber world, 夫复何求(what more to ask for)

      The teacher find his pupils and recharges his passion, does not matter they come and go...

    2. Btw, not quite sure which category u talking about ....

      My regular readers know me as??

      U speak like a riddler sometime lei... Worker? Kept man? Or trust issue?? Hmm

    3. Yo,

      The 3 categories you mentioned are:

      1. Use this shield to do all sorts of nonsense,

      2. but others use it to be themselves,

      3. perhaps more themselves than the circumstances allow us to be ourselves.

      Tell you a funny story. Once upon a time, a group of bloggers decided to share Facebook as we quite get along with each other in cyberspace.

      We all bared ourselves - revealing the real us behind the nicks, where we worked, studied, came from, etc.

      I got the sense of being "cheated" when one idiot gave us a Facebook that is using the same nick as his blog!? What the..... LOL!

      We are still "close" in cyberspace as I've grown to respect his need for privacy.

      But I've learned not to friend others in Facebook when they come to me as SMOL instead of Jared Seah ;)

      Evidently, there are different rules of etiquette in cyberspace... I dinosaur.

      Ha ha.

  3. Hmm interesting

    I dun think I need to teach about blogging etiquette Anytime soon. I was told it is a has been.. I am a has been...

    But if there is a need in future, I will tell them that once u exchange facebook, jolly well be the facebook acc that is real

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