Friday, July 24, 2015

Random stories: Neuro-signal revolution

It 2231 AD.

It's call the age of Neuro-science.

The rich but handicapped can walk easily again when fix with robotic legs link to Neuro-signals reader.

It was the golden period.

What is golden quickly sour.

Other commercial use are explore and technology advances is fast and furious.

neuro-signal reader combine with 3D printing, revolutiZe the design work and soon the intelligence department used it to read people' mind.

Judicial system debate if nuero-signals images could be use as evidence.

There is debate too, if consciousness or lack of it is a crime. 

Giving in to your desire has a greater meaning and vice-services flourish with the right profiling match. 

They said science is the savior of human.

Science is neither savior not enemy. 

Relationships sour as people want to screen their mind from reader. 

Everyone is worried about others peeking into the world which they might not even have control with.

A curse?

2245 AD. Most people have better control over their own Neuro signals that made such technology redundant in intelligence gathering. 


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Now you've done it!

    You have made my posts look like a walk in the park...

    Do you know in some spiritualities, "sin in thoughts" got deduct brownie points one?

    Their bar is set very high. Definitely not for anyone and everyone!

    1. Oh No SMOL,

      To be honest, I have no Zen ideas in my head when I wrote this.

      Just thought this... and ...Wonder what evil is ....