Saturday, July 25, 2015

Random thoughts: A great team, a masterpiece in my eyes -- The House of Horror

The first time I worked on a House of Horror Project in Carnival.

It was a thankless job.

Those teachers in my team, really very suay...

Look, if you are in charge of a game or food stall, I am sure the man hours you have to put in is less than 10 hours.

We put in at least 100 hours. I am serious.

The team is artistic and dynamic.

Most importantly, no one compare or grumble about how come others have it easy and we have it tough.

We put in plenty of Overtime.

In fact, many a times, my team told me we could do this or that better.

Love them!

Here is what happened today. The top sales grossing item for carnival.

I am glad it is over. It is a time consuming project. Yet I enjoyed it. Hope the rest did too.


  1. Looks like halloween...s ary..

  2. Hi Paul,

    Proud of the masterpiece. Although I dun know what the team think of it or me. LOL

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