Thursday, July 16, 2015

Random thoughts: Affluence, is a double edge sword for kids

Looking at kids now, thinking about my time, I wonder if they will be better off than me.  Having experince 2 schools with very different profile of kids, I belived affluence is a double edged sword.

With affluence, kids are more exposed, and more cognitive developed. It is not just about the tuition, it's also the cultural assets poured in since pre-school. The development of the brAins, the linking of the left and right brains etc. They are more informed, more articulated, and confident. 

I  find "poorer" kids, in general, (there are always exceptions a plenty), more innocent, pure and caring. 

They are slower in grasping concepts and have problems in transferring knowledge across domains. 

If I look back at myself, I am
Basically stupid, lazy, and problematic in today teachers' eyes. But I am
Independent and I need no parents' guidance nor tutors in my academic pursuit. 

Young parents of recent years, how do u feel about homework of your kids in P1. I am all for parents involvement in kids education but it cannot rested on the premises that parents' support can be counted on. Those with parents' support generally do better than those with none. But where is the independence in learning and where is the equity in education if tasks are assigned and we allow parents to help kids in "show and tell" preparation? I know of irresponsible mum who left their kids alone with maid while she holiday for weeks and the dad work overseas. Then they are people
Struggling to put rice on table. Although there are definitely fewer such families now then in my time.

I am no "doctor" or in any occupation that pays very well. I believed with money, you can groom
Your kid to be one with a high flying job readily with constant tuition etc. 

A neighbor of mine was a lecturer in a local university. I was very very surprised when he told me the PRC scholars can't compare to our local pupils. I was like huh, did he get his "subject matter" mixed up. He said the chinese on overseas scholarship are usually those with doting parents which provide for all the answers their kids required. Now that they are overseas with their first dose of independent, many are fumbling. Affluence is not restricted to Singaporean 

Perhaps, as parents, who want the best for our kids, and with a good job, it is one problem less- money problem. 

Indeed, money is a problem in Singapore if u dun have enough.

Who fear of not  having enough? I, the middle income people. Not sure if people more well off than me has the same worries , but I am quite sure many others with less than me managed more. More kids, perhaps. 

Of course, if we are aware of affluence trap, we can avoid it or minimize it. I know of kids with "filthy rich parents" who are very humble and caring. They are independent too.

But seriously, I seldom find kids that are poor but with parents caring enough to be among those who totally "give up" on themselves. They simply struggle and suffered from Lower self-esteem, a path which I went through before too.

Pupils who I feel like "slapping" for having no back bone are usually caused by overly doting mothers who kids do not even respect them

Oh ya... Those who bother to come
Up to me and talk to me after they graduated when they see me on the streets, are my CCA kids and those underperforming kids who turn around. Those who are better off in grades already, I am just one of the many tutors in their life. Of course, there are also exceptions. But having taught  the lower performing class and high performing class and the % of pupils showing appreciation is constantly significant higher in the lower performing class. 

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