Thursday, July 9, 2015

Random thoughts: How much does this bag of medicine costs?

Answer: $10.

There are flu medicine, medicine for the heart, kidney, blood pressure and diabetics. 

Enough for 4 months. 

Consultation with specialist is FOC.

My dad belongs to the pioneer generation. He has a PG card. 

This to me, is already free medical service.

Of course, we rather not have this service at all. 

But I do think the government/s who makes this possible, deserve credits. 

Of course, waiting time to see specialist is long, about 2-3 hours. Add the administrative and prescription waiting time. It's half a day gone. (3-5 hours) 

Having first hand experince with my mum and dad at both private and government restructured hospitals, I am well aware of the difference in price in everything, even a piece of dressing cost 10 times more at private hospital. The main difference can be summaried in 3 words: Speed, choice and comfort. 

How much is that worth, and whether is value for money is up to different people to decide.

My mother always thrifty. The things at home seldom get thrown away, older things doesn't spoilt so easily anyway. 

Now, she herself wanted private care. She contributed to her own medical expenses and we allow her. I think that makes her feel better. 

She says private hospital very comfortable, and te nurses and doctors more attentive. I agree. Whether that changes anything in terms of health management, I have no comments. Who says money can't buy attention? 

I kind of can understand her mentality. When I am totally shaq out at work, I always allow myself to induluge in atas ice-cream or coffee. Although overseas trip still hurts.

While I was with her at the hospital months ago, she told me, saved so much, also cannot bring to grave, she hope to leave some for us, but like to relax a bit. 

How would we be like when we are old/ older. We might be very different. 

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