Friday, July 24, 2015

Random thoughts: Seriously, the advantage of being shameless

RELAX. Return to myself.

Seriously, when I was at my previous workplace. I always wonder why my HOD is so serious, and care so much about what others think or say. I more "潇洒”,then, they say what they want lor.

Now that I am in her shoes. I totally understand her. First, there is some image at play here. When I first did a presentation in my new workplace, I managed to get everyone crackling in laughter. I was rather proud of myself, but was told off by my P and reminded by my colleague not to talk "nonsense"

Also, truth to be told, there are many areas I am not strong at, and because I have a bigger role and job scope now, those things which I used to do well are more poorly executed now.

It's really like dejay vau, when my assistant for House of Horror told me very kindly and gently that we could be more efficient in deploying people to work. I felt I was given a slap as this what I told my boss last time. 

Of course, I pick up her suggestion immediately. 

However, I decided to be myself and immerse myself with people that "click",
Carrying on with my nonsense and to the hell with "competence"

I seriously do not think I can match last year results with my batch of pupils this year.

And adminstration is my weakness and it will continue to be. 

I can only earnestly and humbly learn and suck thumb when necessarily. 

But yeah, I really felt a load off my shoulder when I get back my feel of "siao sai", the bo chap and to the hell with what u think attitude. Perhaps only shortly before I will feel
Like a loser again. 

I cannot leave my role now, it's too late, I can only do it my way and to my best of ability, my style. 

I could be the Lousiest. So be it la. 

WTF. Yeah! 

Hey, bro and Mei Mei, let's go for breakfast before we start our house of Horror. 

Huh? Don't command respect? Huh someone can do it better. Sorry huh, when it's time for u to take over me, I will gladly pass it to you. 

Now, I shameless. Muhahaha


  1. Totally understand how you feel. You don't really know how it feels to be a supervisor until you are in that role.

    Kudos for overcoming yourself and picking up your assistant's suggestion.

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  3. I really understand now, but most importantly. I realised I am in a place where the culture is very different.

    I just want to relax now, shame on me,