Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What kind of learner are u?

I saw this when asked to search for photos for the last 10 years of programme. Was looking at the archive of the department folder when I saw this and have a good laugh.

I think I am 聪明型when preparing for exams,u are vomiting ? Lol

But 笨蛋when work is concerned.

The last one, always happy, is defined as hopeless. Lol.

I think when apply on the stock markets, they are geniuses. Always vested, always happy. Market crash and value half, also happy and continue to buy. 

I can't.



  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Study I 懒惰型。 Although I never cry. Just "tida apa". If I pass, I'll pass. If I fail, I'll fail. Good foundation for Zen or what? LOL!

    Work I 努力型。 Add a bit of street smarts and some cunning. I don't scheme against others; but my "tripod" skills very good! When boss says "jump", I'll say "how high?".

    Yeah, i know. Kenna sia....

    Hee hee.

    1. hmm...SMOL

      Given your "A" in tripod skills plus your grasshopper mentality, if you evil, a lot of women will have broken hearts....LOL

    2. Sillyinvestor,

      They are all married with someone else. Now that's a load off my mind!

      I not evil; just a bit 花心 only.

    3. LOL,

      I scare u bleeding heart to the women. Wink wink

  2. Replies
    1. Lol giraffe value

      No prob
      From top to bottom

      - hardworking type
      - normal type
      - clever type
      - lazy type
      - stupid type
      - hopeless type