Friday, January 1, 2016

Random thoughts: cheerleading by focusing on the positives in 2015

Maybe I really need some cheerleading going into 2016. Although I have no 10 baggers or 5/5 scores to share (Lol, poke. Poke ... Sorry I couldn't resist myself)

Perhaps only one thing that kind of fill a "hole" in my heart. I spent more time with my family. Not my wife and son, I always have time for them but my parents and sister. 

I don't really have deep conversation with them but at least I tried to be present. It might seem ridiculous that our parents who nagged at our health can be very "childlike" when left alone, eating only breads for meals and hiding illness from others. At least I know, everytime I am home, a full meal is prepared by my mum and cooked by me. ( I always had the better side of the deal when parents are concerned, who is not)

Given I lived with my in-laws I always have this guilt that I didn't spend enough time with my parents. Given I go home at least twice weekly now, I am feeling more balanced.

I had a hard time thinking of a proud moment or achievement in my work or other areas, but feeble any attempts shall be, I shall still make an attempt

I am 1.5 years into my new role, the department did well in the national exams, and we won 2 end of year awards for innovation project and improvement to curriculum. (My colleague asked me to smile when I receive the award from my P, inside me, I feeling hollow.)

I network successful and rolled out 2 projects in collaboration with the PSG, and I think win the trust and support of most of them in what I seek to do for the children. It's most heart warming when they come to me and volunteer to do this and that for the children, and ask me if I wanted it. Of course, why not! Anything to make the learning environment a vibrant place. 

I was treated to a meal by my ex-colleague. Was wondering why the sudden "wind" it's because a project I started when I was in the previous school won an MOE award and she felt "obliged" to share the "spoilt"

Sell several counters earlier before the correction and manage to get them
Back at a lower price and pocketing the difference as trading gain
(Note this is a cheerleading post and not a review of my portfolio. I write only GOoD things) 

I could have written a thesis of thousands words of I am to write AFIs. But the start of a year, maybe I will start with a higher note.


  1. Hi SI,

    Just like u, my in-law stay with me and sometimes I also feel I did not spend enought time with my mum. Especially the kids who need to mingle more with my mum.

    I am happy for you that you manage to go home twice weekly.

    Acc. to the TED talk by Robert Waldinger inferring from the Harvad's 75 years survey of mankind happiness index, Strong and Quality Relationships are what it matters most when it comes to Happiness.

    Wish you a splendid 2016 ahead.

    1. Hi Rolf,

      Thanks. You have a good 2016 too.

      It's never easy to live with in laws ... You must be a snag to make it work.

      Keep it up

  2. Hi
    I am in hospital.
    Very sick now.

    I don't have much to expect in 2016. Only thing I hope is my health better and I can discharge earlier.

    Don't have much to say.....

    Every time I read your guys post so much thought about life. About expectation.

    Well. Some time I really think you guy 生在福中不知福。

  3. Sillyinvestor,

    Fighting! (say in Korean accented English)



    If we can console others, indeed we should count our blessings. All of sudden, our troubles, frustrations, tribulations pale in comparison...

    Wishing yeh a speeding recovery.

    1. Thanks SMOL is both my son and mine first day in school.

      Jump at the ring of the bell Cheong arh!!

    2. Jiayou!
      both you and your son

    3. Yeh, hope you rest well and get well soon. Your faith begets hope. Hold tightly to Love, Faith and Hope.

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