Friday, January 22, 2016

Random thoughts: Reality check about hospitalization

Just sharing my observation. I have no bones with Govt hospitals.

I received a call from my mum that my dad has a fall and couldn't get up. I immediately ask her to call an ambulance while I rushed down from work.

The hospital allowed only 1 family member into the holding area and I have to leave my mum outside. Worried that she had no have lunch and knowing that waiting will be long, I brought her for lunch first.

I was pleasantly surprise that the X-Ray, CT scan etc were done rather quickly. Within an hour or so, I think.

I was then told that he might need an MRI too, that is when the waiting is long. I think we waited for 3 hours. 

Now, I appreciate that not all can afford private care, but reality check one:

You got concerned kins that keep complaining about the poor system and waiting time, it made the whole waiting process an headache. 

There is some miscommunication, the doc ask that my dad be sent to the ward but he was placed at the rescuitation room, which is out of bounds to family member. Jumped! Made my kin super angry. 

When he was finally out at the observation deck, I could see the place really packed like sardines.

Again, there is concern of spread of viruses at such crowded observation deck.

So the reality is not the quality of care per se but expectation of care. 

I waited till 8 p.m. And there is still no news so I went back in( I will be chase out when 15 min is up and have to re-register. I understand the rationale)

Finally, they told me my dad can be moved to the ward. 

But the worker who is supposed to push the patient up said he is on break and walked off. 

The nurse was a bit embarrassed and was trying rather hard to get someone else.

Actually I am glad that are still a few nurses which I feel really care about the patients, instead of just work. Not judging here, it is occupation hazard, I sometime treat more pupils like "subjects" to get score to fulfilled KPIs too. 

But I can imagine if it was my kin in the room, how ugly would it get. 

The doctor that came at night was different from the one that sees my dad in the morning. But I have no issue with that. 

So, there are real differences as compared to experiences at Private hospital, and expectations of kins made the equation more complicated than just money and comfort/style. 

I am actually quite happy how health care has progress in the public sector. I rememeber the days when I am in JC, almost 20 years ago, when my dad had an appt for operation in the morning but was only operated in the late afternoon. 

He was very weak and was asked to discharged one day after(third day),  and he can't even walked properly. 

I also noticed the bills jumped quite largely from B2 to B1. The difference seem to be the airconditioning.

Why am I writing all these?

Writing is therepuatic. So pardon my ratting. 

Second, when u are not in the right state of mind with anxiety of the unknown, be prepare for "unstable surroundings"

Keep calm, and relax. 


  1. Thanks SMOL,

    When I saw your name at te comment, I thought I will get a kick. Turn out to be a nice pat.

    Ya, breathing ... But stuffy nose! Down with flu...

    Voice is there

  2. My company's medical benefits is on co-sharing payment basis (10% self) at Class A Govt hospital rate; but I am not going to work forever for this medical benefit.

    The difference between A and B1/B2 is great. So I have learned to live the life of retiree very well in advance.

    Once I have very bad ear discharge and I couldn't bring forward my scheduled ENT appointment to an earlier date as subsidized patient so I have to go A& E and queue for 6 to 7 six hours since bad ears are not life threatening for referral to ENT specialist to bring forward that scheduled ENT appointment.

    We pay for our own lunch at our own cost. Can we expect other tax payers to pay for our classy lunch? No.Right?

  3. Of course CW,

    There is a place for affordable care and a place for prenium care.

    Just be realistic. In fact, if u ask me, affordable care is way more

    Actually all the inconveniences the we have to go through now, I felt is reasonable for the lower price ...

    I felt more sadness than irritation when I see so many packed at the observation deck.

    At least a they got they treatment, made me think of 3 world country ..

  4. i just receive the hospital bill from Hospital. stay 7 days. pay about 4k++. Lab and Xray already cost almost 3k, wtf! so expensive.


    i also waited long hour in emergency temporary ward , about 4 hour before i moved to my bed.

    but really arr, compare here with malaysia. of course here is much more better:). just have to pay for few k for it. i also think a bit too expensive.

  5. hi SI,

    Sincerely hope ur close one will recover soon. Stay close with them. Nothing beats ur kin!

    I remember when I was warded, it was C bcos of no bed. Wow... not so pleasant. I immediately request to upgrade to B1 which was really quite good. Imagine ward A... have not try n dun want to ever try!

    Due to co lower grade insurance I still pay 4k for the close to 10k bill. The killer is insurance cover subsequent visits up to $500 n my follow up was since 2008 n my med r very ex few k per yr.

    Then I met with an accident n go raffles hospital, surgery is 10k n the service are very differently great! but nowadays SGH is giving very good service also!

    for me now, I hav no insurance willing to cover my illness nowadays... so I better not get sick!

    1. rolf,
      i was sick since i was 12 years old.also no insurance willing to cover my illness. so i also pay a huge sum of money for my illness.

      well, my medical fee is much more expensive than u. i still remember while i was very sick, also same in 2008. hahaha. then my medical fee ( just for one medicine ) cost me 800-900 per month. then ++ blood test+ almost 1k per month. i endure that for 1.5 years. luckily now i can get same free medicine from malaysia.

      if you imagine, i pay for it for my long life. all hard earned money gone:(

    2. Yeh, the focus is to get well soonest. If not, then need to know the true reason of why the illness persist. I sincerely wish that next time u tell us how u stop paying for medical fees n are the most healthy n happy person, where u can't remember who/when last doctor. that is the most impt! :-)

    3. Rolf.
      Aiya I can't stop visiting doctor and take medicine since I was 12 years old leh.

      Dunno. Now one day have to take about 15 pills.

  6. Hi Rolf and Yeh,

    Your replies gave me idea for another blog post. Do u notice when we talk about hospitalization we talk about bills and services more about our illness, treatment, recuperating process, etc.

    We are no longer worried about our work, family but our bill.

    I am worried too. That's why sometimes it pays to get a "power" insurance if u can afford or simply adjust expectations ...

    No problem with either, just don't want the best of both worlds lol

    1. Medical insurance is IMPT. My kids are all insured but during our time our parents are already struggling to make their means let alone buying or even have time to learn about insurance for us, n for themselves.

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