Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Random thoughts: investment indigestion

I have gastric problems.

I eat too fast, and with the food I like, I sometimes eat too much

I didn't notice it applied to my investment appetite too. 

With the market going on a correction, I had already show my hand and more or less cannot take advantage of anymore low prices. I am not touching CPF OA although i already done the paper work.

I bought Venture, and with my small warchest (already utilized earlier) I had nothing left. 

Personally, I regret selling it earlier. I wanted a net cash dividend payer instead of relying of leveraged instruments.

Although the bulk of revenue is from Asia, the majority of customers are From US. US is doing well, venture recovery story is intact. 

Interest has no impact on it.

Currency is its advantages. Costs are mainly in ringgits and sing dollars. 

Customers are diversified. 

Business fundenmental has not changed. I am not sure if market fundenmental will affect its business soon.

Another Counter I asked my wife to add is CM pacific. With its acquistions spree, it is now rather heavily  indebted. 

But is tolls collections going to be affected? I think not. Even if dividends can cut to 6 cents (touch woods) which is already payable with 9 months earnings, its yield is still rather decent and current Price.

Eat slowly. I have health problems


  1. Hi SI,

    I also have gastric problems before, and I always thought it was my diet! The doctors did a lot of tests but in vain to find root cause. U r a better to urself than the best doc!

    Indigestion can also caused by emotions stir! or fear and worries and an erratic mood swing.

    Combined both physical and spiritual treatments, it can give an even more wonderful result. :-)

    1. Rolf,

      Mentally, I think I am going stronger. Anxiety attacks lesser.

      Maybe I will share how if it continued to serve me well

      Thanks a lot !!

  2. Hi SI,

    CM Pacific's dividend might be affected by the depreciating yuan, rising interest rates on its debts.

    Please proceed with caution.

    1. Hi Diviend Knight,

      Depreciating yuan is significant against USD not SGD. unless not yet. PBOC make interest rate decision independent on US. China had been cutting interest

  3. Hi SI,

    Agree with Roth. Psychosomatic problems have to be treated differently. Really really try meditation. I'm seeing huge improvements after nearly 2 months. You should try it.

    When did you start investing? I thought you are an old bird and had gone thru one round of bull/bear? No?

    1. Hi LP,

      Personally, I dun know why, I feel not a tinge of remorse or worried. Assume market fall another 5-10%, I will just sit down.

      If it goes 10% or more, I will ask my wife to buy more. If it goes 15% or more, I think my warchest is recharge somewhat or my wife can go further.

      The only think I cannot take advantage is a sharp
      Fall followed by a sharp rebound

      When market rebound, I will start to hold more cash.

      If it doesn't I dun mind taking this downturn to keep expanding the portfolio as and when I have my bonuses

      That is, fully vested in down cycle mode.

    2. LP,

      I can't say I try mediation. But I have been trying breathing exercises.

      Seriously can't last even 1
      Min. But Nonetheless
      The sippet breathing exercises makes me focus when i need it

    3. Hi SI,

      Research has shown that mindfulness practices and meditation can be as effective as CBT in treating anxiety and depression. You can find some free guided meditation resources here. :)


      May all be happy and well in the new year ahead!

    4. Hi HPS,

      Thanks for the link. I took a look. Think I will start with the 1 min exercise ...

      Actually we are most conscious with our breathing during jogging aession

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  5. i also same like you. eat too fast.

    now left not much war chest also:(

    1. Yeh,

      I mean no disrespect, but are you at peace at current state?

      Or are u lamenting at firing too soon?

      It's make a difference because Mind is part of the 3 M

    2. dunno.
      but at least better than last time, i didnt cry for my bad health and losses anymore and still able to sleep at night.

      neither happy nor sad. hmm...maybe 心死?dunno. whatever also can.

  6. Sillyinvestor,

    Can be for the better.

    Now that you have no more chips to play, you can be "free" from the markets and focus on WHY you are investing in stocks in first place.

    Eating too fast is just a symptom; the root cause that's for you to figure out.

    1. Indeed SMOL,

      As I question myself why, how and what, now that I have no more chips.

      I can answer them rather well. No panic no remorse no regrets

      I am unique ... I do what most people avoid ...

      I dun mind my returna is lower whatever not... I think it still fit into my longer plan. No cognitive dissonance .. Not yet

    2. As more eating fast.

      It really is a bad habit since a boy ....

      I have gastric issues since primary school

      During NS days it miraculously disappear... Maybe I was fit then

    3. Going back to LP call for mediation, I am trying mindfulness while eating.

      The front teeth, moving food to the left, then to the right. Repeat process to completely chew.

      I rather losing it again when work starts ... But still better than nothing at least I will remembered I some point of time during most meals to do it

  7. Hahaha. Hi SI,

    I'm like you, ate too fast and too much last year.

    Now, I'm hungry but do not have much monies for a full meal :(

    But it's okay. I'm still at peace and can sleep at ease. Afterall, sleeping does drive away hunger right? :p

    1. Passive Peon,

      Long time no see. Ay... Another impatient person.

      But well, looks like we just have to look at the sales going on and on and smile and stick to what we have.

      US markets just tumble ...

    2. good for you mike
      still can smile.

      now i sibek sianz. should go back to work then no need to rest at home, keep on looking at computer for shares make me very sianz.

    3. Hahahah.. Seems like the market is just like Adele, "Rolling in the Deep".

      Even my mum has better returns from her mahjong session than i do with my investment! lol

    4. Lol... Passive Poen,

      I have an ex- colleague who always play mahjong. She keep track of her winning and losing for years.

      She told me for the past dun know how many years, it is always winning !! From 300 plus - 500 plus !!

      Talk about a money making craft!

    5. hi mike
      like this everyday play mahjong and no need to work liao.
      i also want. hahaha

    6. Hi Yeh, I forget to mention it is annual winnings lol

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