Friday, November 14, 2014

My wife portfolio is doing better than mine

This is quite embarrassing and at the same time amusing.

My wife portfolio is 100% built upon my advice. Since she knows nuts about investing. 

My thoughts then is she should just buy and hold and not get worried about the movement in markets. She should also take less risk than me. 

For fun sake, I tabulate her returns for these 2 years, her CARG returns is 15%! Wow, much better than my active prospecting process! LOL.


There are two reasons. 

1) when I feel that a company is fairly to undervalued, I will buy. And if it goes further below my purchase price, then I ask her to buy some.

2) while I do "switching", meaning selling stock that I believed has reached full value to buy cheaper alternatives, I never ask her to sell unless I think it is "super profits", or I think something fundementally has changed so badly that she need to get out!

3) I ask her to take her 50% profits ( buying at $1.09 selling at $1.36 and they buying at $1.25 and selling at can't remember is $1.6 ir $1.65) on singpost on the EVE of alibaba announcement!!!! It would be a super duper investment and her portfolio would be even better had I not ask her to sell. And the irony is, I feel Singpost 5% dividend is not attractive enough for myself. 

Maybe I should become my wife in my investment journey? LOL

The only lemon I ask her to get is SIA, but even that she is sitting on 3% capital gain without taking into considerations dividends!! 

If only I have my own such "enviable track records". Maybe I should start a new series of post: my advice for my wife. LOL. She even managed to get sembcorp at recent bottom... She must be the lucky star. 

SMOL, if u are reading this, I bet you will say:" see, planning and targets!! LOL"

Just doing imaginative dialogue! No offense 


  1. It shows how emotions affect us in active investing to maximize profit and minimize losses.

    1. Yes, but personally I think I also need to zero my weapon.

      Demand a little more MOS when buying and stop "switching" and demand more reasons for selling.

  2. How true that emotions affect results.
    I counter that by investing my dividends all year round. Using dividends compared to hard earned active income means i get a bit less emotional too.
    there must be something to buy everytime.

    1. Yo Paul,

      Yes, when the base is built, the rest is Lego investing. But I am still actively building my base :)

      But guess my base should be built nonetheless but this year. Looking forward to year end bonus


    I never calculate my wife's portfolio returns, but I'm sure it's going to be better than mine. If I buy, and the price dropped even more, I'll recommend her. She trusts me as she knows nothing about the investment, so I have to be surer than sure when I advice her to get it. time you be my 'wife' and I'll be yours? LOL

    1. LP.. Sure sure

      Maybe we can set up a BWF.

      Bloggers' Wives Fund!!!

  4. Buying five cents lower seems to be doing well.

    Start monitoring those Star bloggers and buy 5 cents lower.


  5. Sillyinvestor,

    Ah! You are beginning to see ;)

    It's focusing on WHAT we can CONTROL.

    Just review your entries and exits.

    Either you need to improve in BOTH processes, or you can start with the one with more room for improvement first ;)

    1. Be patience, wait for bigger MOS for buy. :)

      As for sell. LOL, no need to sell

  6. No la bro

    No your losing, no additional gains for her.

    treat as single account lor

    1. SMK,
      No no, different accounts but same future ... LOL

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Sillyinvestor

    I know of a solution. Next time the price gone attractive ask your wife to buy first if it dips down further then you enter. Kekekeke just kidding.

    I think it shows that when people enter and exit too frequent they might miss the run up which can go to uncharted territory. These days I always tried to focus on the business, protect the downside and let the upside take care of itself. Works magically for me at least.

    1. Hi B,

      Guess u had a sound plan for sell decisions...

      My buy sell actions already much fewer than in the past. Especially the sell, but I think still too speculative ??

  9. Uncle temperament,

    Yeah! Commando charged! For honor and glory! Then die at market place LOL

    I try to recall in my small radar universal of companies ( just around 20-30 ), how many would actually missed the boat if I wait for a further 5% discount.

    The verdict: only 4, and none are multi-baggers or even strong capital gains companies anyway.

    They are:
    SPH ( unbelievable, right?)
    Singapore shipping
    China merchant pacific holding
    Perhaps "singpost", if it have reach below 1.2, I would have get it after doing DCF analysis

    The rest I am better off waiting for a better MOS

  10. .Just like to share something. This blog post about my wife portfolio generate close to 1k view, and break my record of close to 300 posts!! It is even higher than the review I wrote for invest x-congress !!

    When I told her that, and that her post is 3 times my average views for posts. She is very proud too. LOL. I told her this post net a new referrer flip board which I never heard of before today.

    She told me she already using the app, and it can be sync with facebook etc. Lol, think my wife more e- savvy than me!

  11. Congrats!

    It's the posts you never expected to make it that always far exceeds your expectations ;)

    1. Ya LP!

      We should start a BWF and regularly blig about it LOL...

      Maybe we will hit celebrity status like the oatmeal guy!!

      Sorry!! Got carried away !!

      No. 1 milestone, cheers ...

    2. Also LP,

      I was just thinking that many are getting interested in sembcorp as my initial analysis in Sembcorp Industries become the first post to breach the 700 mark.

      My wife more popular than sembcorp industries LOL

  12. Hmm ....

    Many wives out there Googling for investment opportunity or tips?


    1. Hmm...

      Or all the husbands thinking? Hey, we Are on the same boat? LOL

  13. Lol I can imagine how a wife's portfolio would perform better. In all likelihood it would be less actively traded and less prone to overtrading or any "itchy fingers" tendencies, and as a result may actually adhere more to our intended strategy and hence perform better.

    1. Hi retail trader,

      Nice to see u here, meet u at ladykiller's blog.

      You are right! If I profess to be following the value investing school of thoughts in investing, why the hell should I switch? LOL.

      But I am seriously thinking about once I build my base, put aside a small sum of money for trading.

      No like what u are coconut or lady killer do, but more like let me switch out and in value counters during corrections to my heart content!! LOL

      Golden Agri is stock I super feel like switching in and out .. LOL

      Ok wake up... Go build base first

  14. Hi SillyInvestor,

    Coincidentally, I am starting a portfolio for my wife after getting her agreement. Mainly, I will be focussing on dividend counters with better fundamentals but lower yield (which I will not have considered for my own portfolio) for lower risk I hope.

    Hope it will not go too underwater after I enter, else I might risk her trust. LOL


    1. Hi Alcus trader,

      Thanks for dropping by. U need to let your wife know going scuba diving is very common in market place.

      As long as we "resurface", the scuba diving itself is a great experince, just don't take away the buoyancy device at the dept of ocean, can liao...

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