Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Random thoughts: world vision gift catalogue and my son

We all have our pet cause for charity.

For me, is world vision.

Their concept of sustaining an Eco- system such that a whole village get lift from proverty is particular appealing to me. 

You can google world vision to learn more. 

Towards the end of year, world vision have the gift catalogue, for u to pledge donation to give blanket, school bag, etc. 

See here:

This is a great chance to teach my son about giving. I promised my son a $40 worth of toys for Christmas.

He had wanted to buy it immediately last month. He keep pestering me to get it immediately, I said No.

A week later, I asked him if he still wants it. He said yes. I say I can get one for him, or if he can wait till christmas, he can get all 3 different series. So which one will it be.

He said he wants it immediately. I tried to teach him the concept of delayed gratification, good things are worth waiting for. After some snake oil selling, he said he will wait till December.

When I received the world vision catalogue, I show him the different gifts, told him how different people have different needs. I asked if he want to help. He says yes. I told him he has no money, how about giving up his gift? He can donate up to $50 and choose his gift for the less fortunate.

He didn't think long and said No, I want my gift. I was very disappointed. But at least he was honest. I tried to persuade him again, I said:" how about giving up one or two of the three sets, so that he can at least donate $12 or 20 over Dollars.

He thinker for a long time and said ok, he will donate one blanket worth $12. I say thank you, how about 2 blankets, he angrily said No, papa, I just want to give up one toy.

Personally, I am quite happy liao. 

Had fun trying this with your kids?



  1. Hi SI,

    How young is your son? Perhaps he has yet been exposed to many situations where delayed gratification comes into play.

    Good try though. I doubt my two year old son can understand such concept yet. LOL

    1. Hello SRSI,

      My son is Already 5. I lived with my In-laws, too much pampering. A bit spoilt now.

      Throwing tantrum and hitting mummy (not forcefully) and got caned by me...

      Sigh... Can only hope to do my best...

  2. I shall try it on my 10-years-old....

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