Saturday, August 29, 2015

Random teaching ideas: P6 market

While the pupils are improving in a upward trend, I seriously do not think I can meet the sales target set by my boss. LOL.

I am quite sure there are 2 pupils in my class who finally got it, their disappointment will be in not getting their A and no longer worry about passing. 

I am betting on vocabulary segment for this weak class. It turn out ok for most people, with the drill and practice etc. 

The oral exam is under the bridge and I hope they did ok. 

Opened ended comprehension is a lost market, I think beside the 3 - 5 who could apply the technques, the rest are really gone... I could try to set complete  the conversation with the words revised so that it reinforced the words. That perhaps will allow me to steal some market.

Writing is about the conclusion weakness and the  lack of vocabulary. Should go into daily spelling of lines !! I will use the holiday to work on booklet 4!! 

Hmm... Think that's about all the time I have... Maybe the comprehsion questions can set from the 课文同步 articles ... MCQ options is painful. Maybe I will just ask them to circle it.  

Include all these in the final exercise of Term 4 for final push to PSLe

May luck be with them LoL

Nice, clearer mind again! Yippee 

SILLY in Vested Teachers


  1. everyday spelling is good idea.
    i have vocab list from pri3 to pri6. if you want, do let me know. i can email it to you.

    jia you and all the best to you and your pupils.

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