Saturday, August 15, 2015

Random thoughts: Words that turn around and stared back

I ask a colleague the following questions. 

1) Do u feel excited going to the classroom and seeing your pupils.

2) Do u sometime look at them and feel "so cute!" Or look at the one or two pupils who are from FAS, and say I must do something for them.

3) Do they pop up in your mind when u are on your way to school, or sometime appear just before you sleep? 

Very obviously, her answer is "no" without her saying it. I told her I have no doubt on her capability to deliver but seriously think her passion has died and it is really affecting the way she conduct her classes. 

I told her that I think the arrangements we had for the past year to help her, reduced workload, buddy colleague are not working because all the basic ingredient is missing.

She looked rather stunt by my bluntness since I was very patient in the past 1 year. 

She told me she will think about it and she need time to search. I am not sure if she got what I said. 

I ask myself the same questions but change the subject from
"Pupils" to 


I realized I have "no" for answers for some of The options too. 

Are u shocked about your own answers too? 

Is not about time, spending time... 

Just like its not about the method of teaching, rewards given or the resources a teacher has, if the heart is gone, the lesson is gone, most of the time. 

If your loved ones do not appear in your mind, and your heart dun scream when u see them... ...

Time for deeper search ...


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Careful now.

    平常心 and 不管心 are not the same.

    Somethings are best discovered on your own and not in public; somethings are better shared in the company of true friends.

    Peace be with you.

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Thanks for looking out for me. I know what u Mean, in fact this is my 3 drafts, when I usually do not even have 1

      I even thought of giving this a miss. But thought it is of value of "me" and perhaps for others too ...

      There is no need for yes for all 3 questions. But if it is no for all 3, the perhaps one cannot hide behind "平常心”

  2. Hi SI,

    When I am down, I go for a run up into the tranquility of the nature! A place where I can breath out al the grievances and only think of the beautiful things!

    It works for me! Sweat it out and go a place alone...

  3. Rolf,

    U have a healthy way of letting off steam! Mine is usually to indulge in food. I should learn more from u.


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