Saturday, August 22, 2015

An eventful August!

Hello people! Seldom I got a chance to relax on a Sunday. PARDON my many posts. I saw B and Rolf doing this and shamelessly decide to board the bandwagon. 

I brought back CMPH at 97cents. With the span of a short 1 month of August, I have bought, sell and bought again. I bought when many bloggers are repositioning after the not so clear cut acquisitions of 3 toll roads and the threat of dilution. I decide to give track records of  management the benefit of doubt over my doubt. 

I (include my wife) also bought 

STE at 3.15 and 2.91
Ascendas Reit at 2.28
MIT at 1.46
SSC at 27.5.cents
Sembcorp Industries at 3.85
Gold UsD at 1040-1050

Not thinking of selling anything yet. But will be more selective going forward. 

Looking at the following In order of pereference:

1) Accordia Golf Trust
2) Singapore Shipping 
3) Lippo Mall Retail Trust
4) STE
5) CCT
6) Ascendas Hospitality 


  1. Hi SI

    Wah how come you got in SCI at $3.85? Did you get in much earlier?

    A few reits are indeed offering quite enticing yields right now.

  2. Hi SI

    Wah how come you got in SCI at $3.85? Did you get in much earlier?

    A few reits are indeed offering quite enticing yields right now.

    1. Hi B,

      Yup, I got it leading up to the announcement of Q2-results. Generally, I was more right than wrong about Q2 earnings but that doesn't stop Semb corp from
      Going to the dogs.

      I am surprising sanguine, not really feeling any pitch yet ...

      Maybe when Marine become loss making and contemplating merger??

      As long as it dun collapse, u will just take pandols

  3. ssc 27.5 not 2.75 for those who is viewing

  4. Oops !! Thanks Kyith, I have edited!

  5. hi mike.
    my paper losses is piling up. stressed.

    1. Hi Yeh!!

      Never heard from you for such a long time! How have you been?

      If you not aiming to sell or buy anymore... Dun look at it anymore and just take the dividends as panandol.

      Take care lei.. Dun stress. Work is alreadti very streesful

  6. It's a sea of red today. Somebody mentioned "Black Monday". It's really looking exciting ...

    1. Lizardo,

      Pretty exciting isn't it?

      If there is another such fall, I think my business will be done and I can set target and forget about watching the market liao.

      Left only 2 rounds ....

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