Sunday, August 9, 2015

Random thoughts: Singapore dream and mine

I guess many of us were ask what are our Singapore dream for the next 50 years.

I thought about it. I would like a nation with confidence and love. It's people not worried about competition and yet gracious about losing. Productive and innovative workforce that placed relationships and family at the forefront. 

I understand whatever we have today is built upon the fact that our economy is vibrant. We do not have a choice to live it like hermit, or take a different pace like Icelanders or sorts. But they doesn't mean we have to pursue economic growth at all costs. 

Now, since I am Singaporean, am I part of the future or the opposite?

Clearly, I am not as confident. 

I ask myself, what were my dreams when I am younger. I realised I have pursuit my aspiration but never my dreams. My dream is just cheap castle building. 

My aspiration is to be a teacher. I remembered when we are getting our 'o' levels, and I told me friends I wanted to be a teacher, one of them said:" siao! You think properly hor, you can study one, don't waste your results."

I have no regrets teaching. I remember during my army days, I sit by the marina river, looking at the financial buildings. I thought to myself, I want one of the building to bear my name or company name next time. That is my cheap dream, because I did nothing to pursuit that.  It's not about failing, because I didn't even try.

In recent years, I did have a dream in FI, although the specifics of it did change, I didn't give up on it. 

Will FI help in the bigger Singapore dream of confidence? Maybe. I don't know.

Now, I just want to watch my son grow up properly. 

Today, I went to the singapore Orchid Garden, it is the most beautiful garden I have been, beating even Gardens by the Bay. It is always there, just never discovered by me. To think we travel far to Japan to see lavender during our Honeymoon when we have a orchid paradise at our backyard. 

I wish to find my garden of Eden too. 

Happy birthday Singapore


  1. Sillyinvestor,


  2. Same as personal retail investing in the stock market; our own backyard stock market, SGX has more than enough stocks for our account size to build our wealth. We just didn't realize it.

    1. Ya, CW,

      Also like got good wife already still go flirt... Lol...

      Go overseas somemore LOL

  3. Hi SI,

    Glad you become a teacher. I always tell my wife teacher is the profession I respect the most.

    Watching your son grow is the best thing, maybe even better than watching your money grow. Hmmmm..... Both are important. Hahhaa

    1. Hi Rolf,

      Just saw your post on priorities. I do think I am really struggling with work, the fact that I am not alone doesn't help.

      I think I will write a post about surving about work lol.

      Survive, then can go home in a piece to love, then have the motivation to live it better.

      If SMOL read this, he will say I am bullshittih again. Lol

  4. Hi SI,

    Life is like that, so many problems. Maybe just tune your mind to the positive side.

    To make u feel better...
    U have no choice and unlucky bcos ur industry do not have oil crisis that give many people nothing much to do until they worry and prefer to struggle in work! At least they still have work.

    I already heard some of my business associates being terminated.

    1. Hi ROlf,

      Yet, I now "see open" liao...

      Its horrible, but just be on surivial mode


      Btw, I exchanged the links liao

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