Monday, August 24, 2015

Random thoughts: practicing Zen through markets volatility?

This post is kind of inspired by SMOL.

He mentioned he practized Zen through the volatile market. Of course, as a trader, his roller coaster ride would be different from mine. Mine is little big club thrill ride. Only for those below 7 years old.

My thought is: if markets really give u so intense a emotion that it became a zen moment, we have to really ask how long we have been investing and how many cycles? 

I think 2015 is really shaping up as a watershed zen moment for me. From my mother illness, to the inferiority complex at work, I think I can going through the mill now.

I used to get upset when my MIL has problems with my maid. Now, I just zen through.

I used to think how unlucky I am to need to cope with caregiving and work, until I realized most people nearing 40s had that experince in one form or another. Maybe they dun blog.

I am really talking to people. Listening to their stories. I am also listening to my emotions and my loved ones more. 

Zen... It comes and go, the state of equilibrium ... Is but a passing cloud... The sufferings are more intense like standing under a rain, but it will stop and change.

Under the rain, we owned it to ourselves to smile and open up the arms. Cry or smile, and enjoy getting shit/ or soaked. Instead, we could curse, swear and whined. If u have someone under the rain with you... That's more complicated. Do u usher her to shelter for fear of her getting sick? Or do you ask her to enjoy the rain? 

Walk with her to where she go, stupid! Enjoy holding her hand be it in the rain or rushing for shelter. Seize that moment of love to build up your base. Feel the hand. The cursing is music... Fixated on the rain ? Change ... Is zen 

I cherish every zen moment, it comes after a difficult morning. 



  1. Hi SI

    the only constant is change , since change is zen , zen is constant.

    1. Change is zen, zen is constant.

      Nice, STI.

      But we now all know we have the egg than the chicken. It was not a chicken but dinosaur that lay the egg that evolved into chicken.

      Since change first or zen first ?

  2. nice work. sounds like it's been a challenging year, that's about to become even more so. hang in there.

    just don't let resentment bubble beneath the surface of a zen exterior. one day that'll blow up.

  3. Ladykiller,

    Where are your posts? Missed them lol.

    Ya, that's true. It's take time to clearly absorbed the negative feelings. The residue will build up very slowly. But it is building up. U need positive energy to neutralize it. U can only minize negative energy by reframing, but cannot neutralize it.

    Continue to find positive energy

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